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One man bleak chaotic hardcore pandemonium SINGULAR discusses debut LP

The ever creative and prolific Mashi Mierul from Kuantan, Malaysia’s post hardcore CANTILEVER, sludge/doom/post metal monolith STAR ORDER, experimental punk project DIZGUZTED, and screamo act PIET ONTHEL, has been developing his noisy, blackened, chaotic hardcore project SINGULAR since early 2018 recently released his debut full length called “F​.​E​.​I​.​A​.​R”. With soaring riffs, manic drumming, the variety of atmospherics and Mashi’s despair-filled yell of of pain, grief, or anger, the record reaches new heights within its 11 tracks that clock in at about 18 minutes time frame! SINGULAR clearly mines CONVERGE-sque chaotic hardcore for all its worth, and we’re pleased to give you this exclusive track by track rundown by Mashi himself!

Although is a one man band, for a live show, SINGULAR gets a line up. They are planning a mini tour in the country and some tours in neighboring countries like Indonesia, likely at the beginning of 2020.

Here’s what Mashi had to say about “F​.​E​.​I​.​A​.​R”:

As it is a one man band, all the work of creating songs and lyrics is from me as well as mixing, mastering and recording processes. Only this release has no invitation vocalist from other band like the first EP release. All of these processes are done at home and studio around my place. For the label, thanks to Terr-Records (Malaysia) for once again wanting to help with this full length release but also helped by Shaun from Tenzenmen based in Thailand / Australia. Issued in Pro cd format by 300 pieces.


The concept of this album is very different if you want to compare with the EP before, not least interms of influence, element and lyrics. If the EP was first heard of elementslike screamo and emo violence, this album (perhaps) was kept away from such elements.In terms of lyrics, the previous EP spoke a lot about what I like in general,but for this release F.E.I.A.R has much more to say about anger and displeasurein life. In terms of music influences, I put a lot heavier bands like Converge, Baptist and Trap Them in this release.

Started this album with a song where I try to maintain a fast tempo. This song tells a group of friends where one is too tired to support it all.

This album is based on anger. so anger continued in the second track with Iron Heart. It also tells a group of people who are both hateful and angry about each other but ultimately acknowledge that anger is also of good use when used diligently.

One of my favorite tracks, as I try to insert element black metal, crusty and hardcore punk in one song. The lyrics tell a person who wants to release from the heat and anger,

The first instrumental song for the first round of the album. I really like the feeling and vibe of cyberpunk in the films. so this song I made on cyberpunk vibe with a rain sample behind the song to raise the mood of the humid, smelly and sticky atmosphere

Cicada 3301 is the true story of the internet world where internet users and hackers around the world are trying to decrypted a secret code. it was a great phenomenon in the internet world a few years ago where I personally followed the issue. I indirectly tribute this song for the Cicada 3301 case.

One of the shortest and fastest songs in this release. Plagiat is plagiarism in Malay which is my native language.

Dark Thought tells about suicidal depression where it often happens around us. This song puts many elements of grind and power violence.

Heat is an instrumental accoustic song for the second round of the album. It is about a person’s anger about himself and how he wants to get rid of the grip of the anger.

Another instrumental track or interlude in this album.

Siren is about the disaster that happened in Indonesia a few years ago. The tsunami was a bit worse and I was very scared with the news as I has a lot of friends in the country. The song based on the experiences the victim told me of the incident.

If you google a name William Kemmler, you will find that he is a first person that in the world to be legally executed using an electric chair. Interesting isn’t it? And it would be my favourite song in the record.

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