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CURSED EARTH drop new single “TORCH” faet. Joel Birch

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After announcing their upcoming mixtape “The Deathbed Sessions” and unleashing their brutal track “Fear” last month, Cursed Earth have backed it up with their new single “Torch”. Where “Fear” featured Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan) delivering vocals, “Torch” pins The Amity Affliction’s Joel Birch at the helm of vocal duties. Spitting guttural lyrics dipped in Cursed Earth’s scathing brand of metal, “Torch” is “The Deathbed Sessions”‘ most blistering track of all. Listen below.

“Amid organising guest vocalists for the other tracks on the mixtape, affixing one to ‘Torch’ proved difficult”, explains Cursed Earth guitarist Kieran Molloy.

“We kept this one to ourselves through the whole process until we got a message from Joel less than a month before release asking if we had a song left to collaborate on attached to some guttural lyrics about Pigs and Catholics”, he says. “Putting the most commercially successful singer on the most raw and pissed off song on this record is exactly the kind of thing we wanted to do with this project, so it was serendipitous”.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Chameleon Sound, the rest of the mixtape will feature further guest vocals from the likes of Larissa Stupar (Venom Prison), Booka Nile and Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer), Nick Adams (Justice For The Damned), Mark Poida (Aversions Crown) and Jack McDonald (Cast Down).


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