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Introducing: Malaysian screamo act PIET ONTHEL

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Switching gears from his other solo project SINGULAR and his band CANTILEVER, Mierul focusses on the captivating, emoviolent hardcore with new one man act PIET ONTHEL as he begins to create his interpretation of the legendary screamo genre. It’s great to see that this beautifully diverse niche growing and it’s always been a great pleasure being a part of a network of connections that extend beyond regional borders. Today, we’re giving you an insightful look into PIET ONTHEL’s debut demo release and the full track by track commentary in original, slightly broken English that reflects the meaning and gives it some authenticity.

“demo loni tak supo mulo” (Kelantanese for “you’re not like before”) was recorded, mixed and mastered in 3 days by Mierul in 100% DIY manner.

I dont listen to enough screamo in my entire life. I love screamo, but I grown up listen to some heavy music. I feel I am not enough listening to screamo comparing to my friends around. But I do listen to Orchid, Loma Prieta and such. Locally I am fan of Piri Reis, Daighila, Virginia On Duty and Inquiry Last Scenery. And to think of it, I don’t have any plans to writing screamo music till friend of mine (Arwith) told me to create one.

There is a plan is how I want to make it as a complete band to hit the show,tour and such. But for now, I’m still searching a suitable line up. I have few in my mind just not to ask them yet. Of course, I have plans to do a split release sometimes in near future.


Why Can’t We See?

This first track of this release starting with this third song i complete upon writing the whole demo/EP. Many wonders where is the lyrics in this song, well to be honest i lost the lyrics and im too lazy to write it down again (so sorry about that). But this track is potraits why we as humans cannot see what is around us. To think we are not grateful to have family, friends, life and work.

Fight Is A Must

This track is my favourite. The lyrics were simple. Its tell you that how we nowdays struggling to survive in this life eventhough life is choking and pressuring you. And this song tell you to fight for live(survive) but still, not losing our kindness heart in the same time.

You Think You Good

It’s about how arrogant we are in our life,but still we deny it. This song is my take on egoism. And in the end, it all turns against you.

It’s Not Feel Like Home Anymore

The song narrates a person who’s in stranger place. Maybe it can be your home, your office or even your own life. But there is someplace you can call it home but you dont know where is it, or you did not found it yet.

We All Felt Like Broken

The story of a broken person. The disappointed. But he/she dont know how to handle the life. He/She question what else he/she can do it.

PIET ONTHEL one man band!

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