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OSLOW – “Cold Dark Space” video

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Resist Records welcomes OSLOW to its roster. Their self titled debut album will be released on February 10. Rinsed in ‘00s nostalgia, the atmospheric lead single ‘Cold Dark Space’ is accompanied by a performance-based video that creates a sense of vacancy and detachment through the minimalist styling of lifeless objects within a white-walled home. The track is four minutes of moody, layered melody lines and heartfelt lyrics reminiscent of iconic crossover bands including BRAND NEW and TITLE FIGHT. These characteristics form the essence of Oslow’s enthralling 11-track soundscape, heightened with the anthemic choruses on album opener ‘Asleep in the Hallway’ and ‘Los Croydos’, the epic, fuzzy riffs on ‘Nothing Yet’ and the commanding drum fills throughout ‘Deer in the Works’.

In joining forces with producer/engineer Dylan Adams (DMA’s, James Blake) on the album, Oslow have honed their craft to exercise a more purposeful and deliberate method to their song writing. Revealing the observations that led to Oslow, frontman Dylan Farrugia explains “the songs themselves seek to express our personal experiences as young people in Australia and what that means at this juncture in history. With the world seeming to crumble everywhere around you it’s very easy to disengage and lose sense of worth. Realising once you engage and have discussions with the people around you it becomes easier to mobilise and see things for what they really are. Understandings that through the sharing of experiences we better each other’s lives and have the ability to impact what happens around us.”

Since their formation five years ago, Oslow – Dylan Farrugia (vocals, bass), Jacob Rossi (guitar, vocals), Sean Hampstead (guitar, vocals) and Alex Ashtiani (drums) – have captivated audiences and critics alike with their alternative post-punk sound, sharing stages with highly respected indie, punk and hardcore heavyweights Title Fight, PUP, La Dispute and Balance & Composure to name a few. Since debuting the Field EP in 2012, the band has gone from strength to strength, having released the now-sold-out Days Are So Bright Now EP (2014) and the double A-side No Longer Concerns Me 7” (2015), which was re-pressed in 2016.

OSLOW band

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