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“People Without Faces” – Polish gloomy hardcore band NEW VISION release new EP & music video

Seeing as the last couple of years have exposed the world’s politics and social dynamics taking a darker turn, as we witness the demise of decency and decease of dignity, deserves nothing but a proper soundtrack. Thankfully, the gloom has triggered a new wave of protest songs in nearly every single genre, but there is one particular aesthetic that tends to work really well as a representation of the current moods in modern creative and artistic criticism: dark, grim, corroded and depressing metallic hardcore blurred by various influences that descend like the mist, settling around hazy fields and dark forests. NEW VISION‘s “People Without Faces” is exactly that. We featured the new Poznań based band this past Summer, and now they’re back with a full demo EP and a new music video for the song “Across the Red Moon”. We got both streams and a first hand word on their work below.

New Vision is our first musical prelude. It was very hard for us to decide on one particular genre. So we kind of messed up the style that suits us so well. Here you can find a sharp hardcore sound and post black riffs in calm rhythm. Our Demo People Without Faces is a kind of reflection on what is happening now in the world and society. Uncertainty, chaos and misinformation Supported by personal feelings mainly motivated by fear.

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