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Peruvian melodic punks PERRA VIDA explain new riotous LP “Eterno Retorno”

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Often songs sung in foreign, non-English languages have some magical virtues that enrapture us and make us hungrier to get to know what’s behind their content. I had this feeling with the new, rebellious sounding LP from Peru based hardcore / punk rock band PERRA VIDA! “Eterno Retorno” is out now on Hell Hath No Fury Records and despite feeling like one noisy raging scream, it sees the band showing their sensitive side as well. Hear it below and scroll down to learn more about stories behind its lyrical side, serves first hand by the band themselves!

PERRA VIDA album 2019


A relationship that doesn’t work because the person you are with is indecisive or insecure. Instead of blaming the other person, you recognize you got yourself in that situation and the decision to get out of it is yours only.


To not be subdued to social or religious patterns, to not want to be someone else but yourself. As long as you connect with your true self, you become more special. We have to do everything with passion and detachment.


Television is only useful to make you alert, insecure and unhappy. It’s a way to control the population, it distracts your objectives. It shows violence and misogyny because it shows violence towards women like a show and that doesn’t make a change, it creates more violence. It turns people against each other and the worst part is that it is legal and free.


Being in love with someone and thinking that everything that happens around this person is a signal and that they love you back. But in reality it is just something made up in your head and the “instinct” is just a mistake. We can only know what we are thinking not what others are thinking even if you think you know what it is.


Don’t know if its paranoia or people are out there really trying to get you. People who just want you to fail, people who are there waiting for you to have a misstep so that they can laugh about it. However you know you are better than that and the only thing you have to do is to laugh about their pettiness.


Some people come into your life to purposely harm you in any possible way they can.


To be in love and happy and being around positive energy. To live a new day and to see the positive and the good and leaving the bullshit behind.


Xenophobia is an everyday thing. Everyone feels like they own the world and are superior to others. They close borders, keep children in concentration camps just for being from another country. Make up these crimes to create fear and hysteria against immigrants. In the end we were all immigrants, it’s part of being human


Bad behavior in boys is reflected in men when they grow up and they think they are superior. A woman raises a boy like a sacred human being who can’t show weakness and that human being becomes a monster that doesn’t respect other people and has the idea of leaving a legacy and raises another child with the same pattern of superiority and infallibility.


Some people see others succeed and they want to take advantage of it. They don’t have a personality or talent and they need to be parasites to be able to survive. Our best advice for these people is that if they want to become popular, then they have to build their own identity. Build something positive on your own or help someone, so that you can become a better person.

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