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Florida Hardcore Band NOXIOUS PROFIT release blistering new EP “A1A Holes”

Noxious Profit- A1A Holes
Just a few months ago, I was at a festival show down in Vero Beach, FL. I caught this cool new hardcore band with a female vocalist that ripped up the stage and blew the early crowd away. I had never heard of them before, as I’m quite familiar with the bands in this area. Fast forward a few months later, and this band has quickly become a big frigging deal around the Central Florida Hardcore Scene. Now, aside from already having a tour of the northeast booked and set to go. They have just released a new three song EP called A1A-HOLES, which is what brings me to my laptop this evening.

NOXIOUS PROFIT from Melbourne, FL is who I’m talking about, and they are unleashing their sound, full force. A quick guitar solo riff from Carlos Santana, opens the record before the music quickly joins in, on the first track, INSTRUMENTS OF WAR. Vocalist, Nicole Bowers shows off her gritty vocals with each chorus. “Instruments of war. Dead bodies, dead bodies, dead bodies!” rings through your ears, while the fast, raw, yet slightly melodical music crushes behind it. The second track, SUPPORT THE SCENE, is another solid one as well. Starting off slow and erupting into a tremendous circle-pit instigator, this song will impress. It was very impressive to hear Nicole hold a scream throughout the entire choruses of the song. Solid drumming by Bob Pennone was also notable throughout this track as well as the rest of the album.

They close the EP with the title track, A1A-HOLES.  It was very cool to finally see a local hardcore band address the current water crisis in Florida. In a nutshell, “Big Sugar” has a system that diverts all the excess water that floods the sugar fields into the rivers that lead into the ocean causing Red Tide and other hazards to our waterways and oceans. It has been a consistent, growing problem for years and is finally at an alarming level. So, aside from Colin Harper on second guitar and Brendan Harley on bass holding down the rhythm section, these guys are getting political on a mofo, as well! This was a great effort and you should check them out next time they come around your way. Mad props to this band!

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