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PLAGUES interviewed by New Noise

Greek webzine called New Noise recently conducted an interview with Los Angeles’ PLAGUES, the very same band we talked to back in May.

You have 3 releases up til now, 2 EPs and a split EP with The Cold Front. Can you tell us somethings about them?

The Self Titled we released in 2011 almost seemed rushed to me. I mean, Brian and I had only met a few months prior and once me, Matt and Alex decided to start a new band from an old one we had just ended we all felt that we weren’t going to focus on the intricacies of a riff and structure of a song and deal with a more driving, chaotic sound that captured the passion more than the music.

When I had brought this up to Brian, he was all for playing bass and getting to work on this as quickly as we were. The whole production process took maybe less than a month of actual songwriting before we released it. Surprisingly, kids really liked it and we really got the most out of our shows because of it. Labels were hitting us up to put it out on cassette and we could barely keep up with all the gigs we were landing, since Matt was living out in Arizona at the time. Around Winter of 2011, we decided to write the first Age EP and our split 7”, which was put out on Irish Voodoo Records with The Cold Front. The split we wrote and recorded quickly, just like the s/t, but after that, we decided we wanted to put a little more quality time into Age of Viral Origin, so we hunkered down and approached it with a little more care.

We do have this tradition, however, of writing one song the day before we go into recording. Usually it’s the shortest one. The amazing thing about it is that it always turns out to be our favorite song on the release, hahahaha. For some reason, when you really don’t give a shit about how a song should sound and pay more attention to how a song should feel, then you’ve got an song that pulsates sincerity.

Go here to check it out.

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