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Polish-Ukrainian hardcore pack FORESIGHT hit hard with new tracks, broadcasting fresh vibes through classic frames of hardcore

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Made up of a Polish-Ukrainian pack of buddies for whom the reference point was the sound that characterised 90s hardcore, at that time usually referred to as “new school hardcore”, FORESIGHT comes as the perfect soundtrack to a world coming out of massive two year hangover.

Today, after about thirty years, it’s hard to talk about new sounding hardcore, but describing Foresight we can confidently talk about freshness and musical imagination, and what follows, you can hear that in this formula they work perfectly.

“The new record combines the things that sit inside us, humanitarian politics, spirituality, interpersonal relations. How we deal with these physically, and how we struggle to solve the constant anger and helplessness within is definitely a factor which we display in our songs.” – comments the band.

“We’d try to be David Lynch, and not to explain anything. But that’s highly political, so there you have it.”

We have teamed up with the band to dive a bit deeper into each and every track and 

FORESIGHT started in 2017 in Kraków, Poland and made their stage debut in June 2018. A year later they released their first seven-inch vinyl for Ugly & Proud Records/Youth2Youth Records. Now we are pleased to present the full-length material, which is coming out as LP and CD on Refuse Records!

In their music you can find the spirit of US bands such as Outspoken, Strife, Culture or Indecision, with a distinct contemporary touch, but also a hint of local Eastern European sensitivity and emotions.

Foresight is a band deeply rooted in the 90’s hardcore, living all across southern Poland. They cite Outspoken, Strife and Indecision to be their main influences, but that’s not all.

“We also listen to more spiritual driven bands. Nevertheless we try to go beyond the box, so we added some black metal tremolo riffs, cello and ambient parts as the background. We probably aren’t unique, but go check it out yourself!” – adds the band.

Adds Robert of Refuse Records: “Their own face combined with a great production make the full-length Foresight album a complete proposition, which does not deviate from the contemporary world leagues, and in addition offers something of their own, atmospheric and accessible to today’s audience. In the context of dramatic times, the whole album makes a special impression. One of the strongest musical offers of the Polish hardcore scene this year.”

Grab it via Refuse Records or order via [email protected].


Words by Foresight:

Interacting with the world:

The first track – Choices – is about how all the decisions we make, affect our later life and how the bad ones can endure in our mind and destroy us from the inside for years. You can’t live the present without your past.

The third track on this album (called Reflection) is an extension of the first song. It’s about how we lose people close to us through attitudes, that are not necessarily the result of intentional choices. The verses ”But in the end it’s me and myself Can I look in the mirror and safely say I’ve done everything I could, and this is a true reflection of me” summarize that in the end the most important thing is to live in peace with yourself and your mind.

As an epilogue (ЭПИЛОГ), we took a quote of Leonardo da Vinci, where he shares his mind about a results of war, how people forgetting about nature’s primacy, that it’s preservation should be the goal. Unfortunately, since it was recorded, a real war started. Genocidal and terrible. Only Ukraine’s victory could prevent even bigger damage, as there is definitely even bigger slaughterhouse Putin prepares for entire Eastern Europe. Wanted to state this, as I don’t want this song to be perceived as a plain “no war” sign (which usually means “surrender”).


Trying to fight the good fight:

The second song, “ПЕРЕМЕН” [Peremen], is written at the time of nationwide protests in Belarus in 2020. This is a song of solidarity with the protesters, who were fighting the second greatest pile of shit in Europe – Lukashenko. Unfortunately, he declared himself a president and strangled the protest by repressions and terror. The song released kinda too late.

The “Thousand steps”, track no 4, is one of the more politically driven songs on the album. It states, that everything that modern man craves for, is nothing, compared to how our planet is being destroyed. People prefer to crave for profit than for sustainable development, hence the whole message of the song is that I prefer to take a thousand steps back than contribute to the destruction of the place where we live.

With “Stakes”, it’s about how, despite the obvious facts, the right wing prefers to remain deaf and live in it’s hatred, imposing on others what is good and what is bad. Stakes are a clear reference to what happened to “witches” in the Middle Ages, ruled by religious radicals.

This text in “Trespasser” is kind of a reference to “Stakes”. It tells how the right wing in Poland decided to introduce a total ban on abortion, which – among other things – led to the death of women, whose doctors were afraid to save them. Also at that time mass protests, the main force of which were women, swept through Poland. Great respect for these strong females and their supporters. This one is for them.

Heart and soul vs the brain:

Purpose – the most metaphysical song among the rest. As the name suggests, it talks about looking for meaning in the senselessness of existence. In it I ponder what the life “goal” really is and how many people have lost sight of it, in their daily lives”

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