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Political and fun! French gritty punks MENTAL DISTRESS premiere new LP! Listen and get all the backstory!

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MENTAL DISTRESS started in 2013 and their goal has always been to write political songs against all types of discriminations, while keeping the fun side of hardcore punk. Quite soon they recorded their first demo tape, started playing everywhere and be active on the DIY scene as much as possible. After recording a 7” split with their friends from Ed Warner in mid-2016 and releasing their self-titled EP in early 2017, the band had experienced an important change as their singer came out as a trans man. The band took the whole 2018 to focus on writing for their debut LP and after months and months of preparations here we are, giving you the first taste of the whole thing, 17 tracks of fast punk clocking just 23 minutes! Check it out, along with our special feature, and grab it on its official release date on October 4th!

Here’s what the band had to say about the record. Read up, play the whole thing in full and scroll down to see the full track by track breakdown, plus the lyrics, both in French and English.!

“Pas Beaucoup d’Avenir” (“Not Much Future” in french) LP is different than our other records. A fair amount of our texts are now in french, because it’s easier to express our feelings without having to go through the translation stage. Of course the voice changed a lot, making our music less fast but more understandable, though we still love angry music.

This LP was written in 2018, recorded and mixed by our friend Ted Moody, who has recorded absolutely everything we released for now, in a rehearsal room in Strasbourg, between February and May 2019. Mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden East in Oakland, USA.

The vinyl version of the record is being released on 500 orange translucent vinyls through a number of DIY labels: Bright Future – Greece, Crapoulet Records – Marseille, South of France, Dead Punx Records – Belgium, Dirty Guys Rock – Tours, France, Don’t Trust The Hype – Lille, North of France, Hardcore For The Losers – Vienna, Austria, Itawak Records – Strasbourg, East of France, KLVR Records – Dunkerque, North of France, Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu – Britain, West of France, No Way Asso – Nevers, Center of France, and Pasidaryk Pats – Vilnius, Lituania! Tapes are also planned by Bright Future, and the band made some MiniDisc versions for fun. Yay!

The release party for this release will take place on October 12th in Strasbourg, France during the AIM Fest at Molodoï. On October 20, the band will also celebrate the release in Nevers with Gouge Away!


01. Pas Beaucoup d’Avenir

This song is a soft and light one, it’s the intro and the title of our LP, because it depicts ourselves well. Though we’re all way more than the age of legal majority, we won’t ever be the adults the society wants us to be.

02. Mal La Gueule

“j’ai mal la gueule” (rough hangover, literally “I hurt my mug”) is an expression I borrowed from a friend, to which I can relate pretty much. We drink because it feels good in the heat of the moment, and it makes us forget our anxiety. But the comedown is hard and eventually takes us away from our way-out. This song is about the physical and psychological pain of hangovers.

03. Montagne Verte

Montagne Verte is the name of the neighbourhood where I lived in Strasbourg. It’s the area I go through when I come back home cause the outside scares me, it’s the area that distresses me when I must leave the house. Walking these streets, I asked myself the same old 50 questions about my life and how to cope.

04. PN

This song is for every narcissistic perverts out there in the scene. It’s ok to kick them out of our lives.
(fun fact, we call this song “punk rock” because it ain’t really matching our style and some of us got tired of it. So we removed it from our set after having played it just a couple of times.)

05. Mes Nerfs Cèdent

Before getting to a politicized space, we put up with oppression without being really able to name it. It eats us up and we know we won’t stay calm very long. At this moment we become aware of this fucked system and get that we’ll have to fight to free ourselves from this insidious torture. Thing is, when we burst out, we don’t know the intensity of the revolt and its damage yet. What’s sure though, is that our fight is legit. In this text, “we” means “I”.

06. Ça Viendra Quand Ça Viendra

Totally personal pro-sex song.

07. Je N’Suis Pas Ta Fille

Coming out as trans to your family is in most case something extremely difficult to do. Even if you have the feeling of knowing them really well, you can’t anticipate their reactions. Words or gestures are tough to put up with when they come from people you trust. When I came out, it went neither good nor bad. No violent reaction, but also no effort to accept, or to understand what I just told them. Lyrics may sound rough, but depict quite well the frustration I experienced then.

08. Retrouver Son Corps

A friend once said “In France, when you’re trans, it’s like fighting a 32 ft dragon with a sword and armor made out of cardboard”. Though some laws do exist, nothing’s quite clear and we are forced to struggle hard with administrations if we want to change our name or the biological sex mention on our id card, to start hormonal transition, to undergo surgeries and so on. It takes a considerable amount of time, strength, persistence and institutional knowledge to defend ourselves, which is not given.

09. Echec

Lyrics of this song are fictional, relating to an old dream I made which affected me by being so frustrating.

10. Gamin Blessé

Violence between siblings can affect someone forever. Although these acts were perpetrated by a lost child, it’s hard to forget and to forgive the physical aggressions and humiliations, because it was committed when you’re starting to become your own individual self. These can have some serious consequences as a grown up and it’s hard to bury everything for the perfect family portrait.

11. Schlag et Amoureux

Relationships and love when you’re punk ? Not quite different than for the others. Some days you just wanna stay cosy at home, some days it’s all about having fun together. You’re significant other is your safe place anyway.

12. Girls To The Front

Quick reminder, Punk isn’t meant to reproduce society’s sexism and Xphobia. Concerts are not virilism demonstrations and it seems like some people forget that. It’s called “girls to the front” in reference to Kathleen Hanna, but it’s for all those who find themselves excluded from the front of the crowd because they’re not part of the alpha males. We don’t go to concerts to end up with bruises and to feel like shit from not corresponding to their norms.

13. 5 Balles L’Entrée

A not-so-deep song about our shitty concerts habits. We pay our entry, we have fun, we drink without bothering anyone, and it’s just fine.

14. Aluminium

This one is the oldest one of the record. At first it was called “I hit the floor” and talked about something very different – breakups actually. But with hindsight I found the lyrics too negative, and decided to write it all over again. “Aluminium” is then about beer, yep. In fact, it’s about its addictive effect and how it fucks our lil brains up. But also that, in the meantime, I didn’t find anything better to be ok.

15. Wir Wollen Kaiserkrone Kaufen (Part II) – feat Jimmy Flamenco

This song was written by Alexander Jimmy Flamenco from Willxsmic.
“Under social pressure and anxiety, it’s easy to fall in the alcohol trap.
Anyway, life’s just an eternal hangover.”

16. Angry Guys

When you are a kid, people teach you to repress your feelings and that you should never cry or you will be the weak one, unwanted by the society. So we are proud to be angry, to be parts of the outcasts, because it would be boring otherwise.

17. Combien De Morts ?

This song speaks for itself, very little things are done to ensure transgender people security and violences are trivialized. It’s important to act fast and the first step is to respect everybody’s identity.


Lyrics & translations:


Je n’ai pas beaucoup d’avenir, plutôt gosse que PDG
J’fais des dinos en papier que j’balance sur les télés
Je n’veux pas grandir comme ça
Je veux marcher dans les rues
J’veux pas grandir comme toi et lui
J’veux juste être qui je suis

Pas beaucoup d’avenir
Plutôt gosse que PDG


I don’t have much future, rather kid than CEO
I make paper dinosaurs I throw on TVs
I don’t want to grow up like this
I want to walk in the streets
I don’t want to grow like you and him
I just want to be who I am

Not much future
Rather kid than CEO


Nuit, Alcool, dépendances, j’traîne mes abus par outrance
Ici vraiment tout est noir et je m’éloigne de la sortie du placard

Le poids sur mes épaules, le boulet à mes pieds
La tête sous l’eau, mon bide en feu
En espérant qu’un jour on aille mieux


Night, alcohol, addictions, I overly drag my abuses
Here, really, everything’s black and I move away from the closet’s exit

The weight on my shoulders, ball and chain at my feet
Head under water, fire in my stomach
Hoping that one day we’ll be better


Les rues tristes de Montagne Verte m’ôtent ma joie à chaque pas
Je pédale à fond pour fuir ma terre, je sens que le vent passer sur moi
Le temps qui passe coule mes rêves
La gueule remplie de poussière
J’irai chercher avant qu’je crève
Une raison d’avancer vers la lumière

La peur empêche de péter ma bulle, mais j’ai froid et ça pue à l’intérieur
J’ai la flemme d’être somnambule et de me sentir inférieur


The sad streets of Montagne Verte take my joy away each step
I pedal thoroughly to flee my land, I only feel the wind on me
Passing time, sink my dreams
The mouth full of dust
I’ll go find out, before I peg out
A reason to move towards the light

My fear prevents me to break my bubble, but I’m cold and it stinks inside
I’m tired of being somnambulist and to feel inferior

04. PN

Je comblais ton égo, j’m’éloignais sous tes crocs,
Jusqu’au jour où j’ai compris que t’étais tout sauf mon ami

Pervers narcissique un jour on aura ta peau
Loin de ton spectre on peut recommencer à zéro

La joie de niquer une vie pour satisfaire tes lubies
Je vomis dans tes cheveux de militant orgueilleux


I filled up your ego, I vanished under your fangs,
Until the day I understood you were anything but my friend

Narcissistic pervert, one day we’ll have your guts for garters
Far from your ghost we can start over from scratch

The joy to ruin a life to satisfy your whims
I puke in your proud militant’s hair


J’ai mal au bide pour la première fois d’entendre des trucs puants tout autour de moi
Ces propos obscènes toujours m’obsèdent, j’attends juste le jour où mes nerfs cèdent

Y’a plus de place pour les oppressions
On ira se battre sans sommations
On reste fiers face à leurs menaces, on est nous-même que bien leur fasse


I have pain in my stomach for the first time to hear stinky things all around me
These obscene remarks always obsessed me, I’m just waiting for the day my nerves give way

There is no more room for oppressions
We’ll go fight without warning
We remain proud facing their threats, we are ourselves, too bad for them


Ma bouche est sèche, vide et sans pudeur, faut que je me résolve à l’obscurité
Les soirs d’été j’ai besoin de son odeur, et de m’y plonger pour l’éternité

Ça viendra quand ça pourra
Ça viendra quand ça viendra

Le doigt posé sur la chaleur, mes jambes agitées pas l’obsession
J’irai chercher tout notre bonheur, la phase finale de notre union

Sans crainte je garde la tête sous l’eau, sans triche ça doit submerger mon nez
On en ressort toujours plus fort, de l’amour du maillot


My mouth is dry, empty and shamelessly, I must resolve to darkness
On summer evenings I need her smell, to dive in for eternity

It will come when it can
It will come when it comes

My finger on the heat, my legs agitated by obsession
I’ll go get all our happiness, the final phase of our union

Without fear I keep my head under water, without cheat it must fill my nose
We always come out stronger, of the love of the jersey


Trop d’œillères sur ta face, tes caprices j’en suis las
Je veux juste que t’acceptes qui je suis, car je ne suis pas ta fille

Je ne suis pas ta fille, rien à foutre de tes envies
Je ne suis pas ta fille

Tu préfères me voir la corde au cou plutôt qu’avec le moindre poil au bouc
Je n’ai plus de respect pour vos vies et je tire un trait sur ma famille


Too many blinkers on your face, I’m tired of your whims
I just want you to accept who I am, cause I’m not your daughter

I’m not your daughter, I don’t give a fuck of your desires
I’m not your daughter

You prefer to see a rope around my neck rather than the slightest hair on my chin
I don’t have any more respect for your life and I’m done with my family


Peut-être qu’un jour j’aurai la force de sortir mon nez de cette paperasse
Cette administration transphobe qui gâche la vie à chaque instant

Pas besoin de psy pour valider ma vie, pas besoin d’endoc pour retrouver mon corps


Maybe one day I will have the strength to get out of this paperwork
This transphobic administration who ruins life at every moment

No need of psychologist to validate my life, no need of endocrinologist to retrieve my body


Mon esprit se lasse de tout ce qu’il pourrait faire
Encore une journée molasse où il ne peut plus se taire
Je ne comprends rien au monde, je suis coincé ailleurs
Toute parole est immonde, et t’apportes la terreur

Echec de vie

Je me sens frustré de ne pas pouvoir agir
Je me sens frustré de ne pas pouvoir dormir

Sortir d’ici, se réveiller, puis te tuer
Du sang partout, plus de souffrance, juste la prison

Il n’y a plus de place pour les gens fous ici
Il n’y a plus de souffrance, je me suis échappé de la vie
Combien de temps faut-il attendre pour rester en paix ?
Qui doit-on quitter pour que mon esprit enfin se taise ?


My mind gets tired of everything it could do
Lazy day again where it can no longer shut up
I don’t understand the world, I’m stuck somewhere else
Every word is awful, and bring you terror

Failure of life

I feel frustrated to not be able to act
I feel frustrated to not be able to sleep

Get out of here, waking up, then kill you
Blood everywhere, no more pain, just the prison

There is no more room for sick people here
There is no more pain, I escaped from life
How long should I wait to be peaceful
Who must I leave for my mind to finally shut up


Côtés sombres de chaque vie, les secrets ça s’enterrent comme une honte
On croit que rien ne va ressortir et on prie fort pour pas qu’ils nous étouffent

Gamin blessé / Gamin paumé

Grandir dans la peur et sentir une crainte quand on entend son nom
On rase les murs sans paix pour fuir les coups du tortionnaire

C’est ni l’évasion, ni le temps
C’est ni la rédemption, ni la distance
Qui feront oublier l’humiliation, qui feront oublier son ancienne vie
On a lapidé toute son enfance, pour le plaisir d’un gosse paumé
J’irai chercher mon innocence, j’ai perdu toute ma joie cette année là


Dark sides of every life, bury secrets like a shame
We believe nothing will go out and strongly hope they won’t choke us

Wounded kid / Lost kid

Growing in the fear and feeling dread when we hear his name
Hug the walls unpeacefully to avoid torturers shots

It isn’t the escape, nor the time
It isn’t redemption, nor the distance
Who will help forget the humiliation, who will help forget his former life
His childhood crushed, for a lost kid’s joy
I will look for my innocence, I’ve lost all my happiness this year


Un samedi soir dans la Plaine Des Bouchers
Faut que tu me sortes, emmène-moi danser
On oublie la rage et les remords, tu verras qu’à deux on est bien plus forts

Schlag et amoureux

Un samedi soir la tête sur un coussin
Pas envie de sortir et c’est très très bien
Nique la fête, ce sport national, tu verras qu’à deux, l’ennui c’est pas si mal

A Saturday night in the Plaine Des Bouchers
Get me out, take me to the dance
We forget the anger and remorse, you’ll see together we are much stronger

Schlag and in love

A Saturday night, the head on a pillow
Don’t want to go out and it’s very very fine
Fuck partying, this national sport, you’ll see together, boredom isn’t so bad


Girls to the front
I’m not kidding, girls to the front

They’re not your fuckin’ girlfriends, they’re not here to escort
Yes they listen to music and they kick your ass


Ce soir encore j’irai danser, me frapper la gueule dans ce concert
5 balles l’entrée, le reste pour tiser, de quoi oublier ma dignité

C’est notre projet
Ma confession de foi


Tonight again, I’ll go dancing, hitting my mouth in this show
5 bucks to get in, the rest to drink, enough to forget my dignity

It’s our project
My confession of faith


Rien qu’un soir sans consommer mon visage est froid et angoissé
Je veux oublier la misère, pour ça je ne connais que la bière
Ça brûle mon temps, mon énergie
Ça flingue mon crâne et mes envies
Rien à foutre de tes jugements, c’est qu’à moi-même que je mens
Je me détruis par pulsions, je sors les armes comme bâillon
J’arrêterai quand j’irai mieux, mais en attendant je deviens vieux


One night without consuming, my face is cold and anguish
I want to forget misery, for this I only know beer
It burns my time, my energy
It kills my brain and my desires
Don’t give a shit about your judgment, I only lie to myself
I destroy myself by impulses, I get out my cans as gag clothes
I’ll stop when I’ll get better, but in the meantime I get older


Being alone in some place is always kinda disturbing
Even if one is crowded you can always feel lonesome
Fortunately in my bag I always carry my imaginary friends
They can be calls Starberg, Atlas, Kaiserkrone and Amsterdam

Schlag Passion

Maximum alcohol for a minimum cost that’s what the world is made of
At any hour of the day always the same good sensation

Do you want the recipe

Go to your local supermarket, turn left for the booze shelf
Look down to find the cheapest, yet always simply the best

It doesn’t need much money, a few euros will be enough
With two or three bucks you can buy a few of these
Just don’t forget to follow the two sacrosanct rules
Only cheaper than two euros, only stronger than seven degrees


We are here to prove one’s worth without being above the law
What we ‘re supposed to do is what the neighbours do
There’s one solution to be glad

We’re proud to be sad guys
We feel good about ourselves
But we are fuckin angry guys
We’re fighting against your fuckin norms


Je compte même plus tous les faits-divers qu’on étouffe encore car c’est un *trans à terre
Sans aucun respect ils crachent sur les pronoms et condamnent à peine ces agressions
Combien de morts, verra-t-on passer ? Combien de morts ?
Combien de morts verra-t-on passer jusqu’au jour où on sera protégé.e.s
Combien d’années vont encore tourner jusqu’au jour où on sera protégé.e.s


I don’t even count any more all the recent news swept under the rug cause it’s a transgender person on the ground
Without any respect, they spit on the pronouns and barely condemn those aggressions
How many deaths, will we see? How many deaths?
How many deaths will we see until we get protected
How many years will pass until we get protected

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DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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