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Portuguese hardcore band PUSH! visualize the fun of touring in new music video for “Cease To Exist”

Lisbon based hardcore band PUSH! are pleased to give you their new single and music video “Cease To Exist”, taken from the upcoming EP “Bad Intentions” that will be released by Knives Out Records later this year!

PUSH! is a five member collective from Lisbon (Portugal), delivering a vital blend of new school hardcore and old school metal. Playing since 2013 the band has already three albums and has share the stage with all the big names in the Hardcore scene (bands suchs as Madball, Backtrack, Strife, Brutality Will Prevail, Sworn Enemy, and the Portuguese Devil In Me and For The Glory.).

The past years were busy for PUSH!, they played extensively in Portugal and Spain, and had their first European tour in 2019. The band brings energy and anger in every release and “Bad Intentions” is no exception.


Asked about the message behind the new single, the band comments: “Seize the day, Carpe diem. Basically is that. Enjoy every moment while you’re on earth!”

Fresh off the release of their single “Unbreakable” earlier this year, the band played a packed show in their hometown of Lisbon, and then toured through France (Montpellier, Bordeaux, Jurançon) and Spain (Seville). 

Expounding on the state of the post COVID shows and noteworthy bands from their area, PUSH! continues: “We’ve got Devil In me playing a lot, we’ve got new bands playing, and we’ve got big names coming back to Lisbon, like Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, and Millecolin.”

“Check our friends Campfire they play melodic Punk Rock like Basement and Title Fight.”

The Voynich Code are also our friends, they play technical death metal, for fans of Whitechapel or Born of Osiris.”

“Cease To Exist” Lyrics:

A glorious ending for humanity is needed
You’ll need your heart and soul to make the comeback,
the needle tears a hole and when you see it there’s no way back
mistakes were overdone and your selfishness made you fallback
What a way to go!

Open up the church
I wanna see you cry and pray for the mistakes you’ve done
I wanna hear the excuses you’ve got this time, amongst
the other ones that protected you and turned you into a scumbag

What’s left of us, is just a fraction of time
Why are you worried now?
We’re gonna cease to exist

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