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Pre-European tour check in with NYC hardcore vets BURN

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Soon after the recent release of their new track ‘Mountain’ and just in time for their lengthy European tour with Swedish heavy hardcore pack GUST, we have teamed up with Adam Malik od The Essence label and NYHC veterans BURN to ask them what’s up, recall some of their sources of motivation and give you a brief batch of their thoughts on being on the road.

The BURN / GUST European tour kicks off tonight in Köln, Germany and will hit 10 countries until March 23rd. Scroll down to see the full itinerary.

“Mountain” 7″EP is an exclusive European tour release, available via The Essence at the band’s merch table. GO HERE to see where to catch them live and grab their acclaimed full length “Do Or Die” via Deathwish Inc.!

Answers by BURN’s guitarist Gavin Van Vlack.

What’s new in BURN camp?

Always something! We are currently working in a new drummer for this tour as Abbas Muhammed got an offer for a position in a job he really didn’t want to pass up. The drum spot is now being handled by Urian Hackney who plays for Rough Francis. We are also in the process of releasing a new 2 song EP just for this European tour. It will be available on vinyl at the shows. Really excited about that as we have always worked to be as productive as possible and continue to release new music. We find that to be very important.

“Be Here Now” – that’s what I think of BURN as there is very little nostalgia in you and creative process is ongoing and very visible. You’ve been pushing new ideas since day one and it almost feels like you’re two steps ahead of everybody else. What’s your main fuel?

Both Chaka and Myself are lovers and fans of music both current and past. At our roots we are skate punk, Graffiti writers who love Discharge, Crucifix, Public Enemy, and Run DMC but our love branches out beyond that to Jazz and Blues, EDM and Trap, Metal and Industrial. We are music “listeners” because music is alot like a sunset there is beauty in each one but they vary in there individuality. I hope that makes sense. We never really thought about being “Old School” because we consider there to be lessons in life on a day to day basis and to continue growing you need to continue learning which means taking chances and making yourself open to mistakes and failures that elicit dynamic growth musically, socially, and spiritually.

BURN is very much a live experience. Would you agree?

For me most definitely because I am on stage, haha!! But yes, the audience at a Burn show is always pretty crazy. I believe that is what makes this style of aggressive music so attractive is that the crowd is really a huge part of the experience. It’s like a huge energy feedback loop!

You’re coming back to Europe in March and this would be your 5th visit here. What’s your favorite part of European underground culture and what are you looking for the most this time around?

Me personally is that I love street culture, being from NYC it’s a part of the everyday experience but when you travel you get to see both the influence of NYC on street culture and what other social circles created out of it. It always has small variables from city to city and town to town but the root of it is usually common. We as a band also love getting to play live and share that energy with people, Super important to us.

BURN live at St. Vitus, Brooklyn, by JC Carey
BURN live at St. Vitus, Brooklyn, by JC Carey

BURN live

3/07/2018 MTC – Köln, DE
3/08/2018 Underworld – London, UK
3/09/2018 Willemeen – Arnhem, NL
3/10/2018 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE (matinee)
3/11/2018 Revolver – Oslo, NO
3/12/2018 Underwerket – Copenhagen, DK
3/13/2018 Naumanns – Leipzig, DE
3/14/2018 Faust – Hannover, DE
3/15/2018 Cassiopeia – Berlin, DE
3/16/2018 Pogłos – Warsaw, PL
3/17/2018 007 – Prague, CZ
3/18/2018 Roter Salon – Nürnberg, DE
3/19/2018 Durer Kert – Budapest, HU
3/20/2018 Arena – Vienna, AU
3/21/2018 Circolo Magnolia – Segrate, IT
3/22/2018 Feierwerk – Munich, DE
3/23/2018 Stadtmitte – Karlsruhe, DE

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