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PREMIERE: COMA REGALIA / OVERO / ZOCHOR / PUNCH ON 4-way split – listen here!

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Shortly after our recent COMA REGALIA music video premiere last week, as promised, we’re back witht he full presentation of the newest 4-way split from four amazing screamo / post hardcore bands COMA REGALIA, OVERO, PUNCH ON!, and ZOCHOR!

Another Year in Hell” is a commentary on the crushing realities of the pandemic as well as a testament to the global, fragile, and deeply personal ties that keep a scene alive. Opening with Overo’s searing feedback and anthemic vocals, the record next threatens to break speakers with Punch On!’s chaotic heaviness. On Side B, Zochor teases bouncy Revolution Summer energy before Coma Regalia closes out with desperate, explosive emoviolence. The result is a cathartic journey that leaves one both nostalgic for the past (after all, nothing says “DIY screamo” quite like a 4-way 12” released by 8 labels) and surprisingly hopeful for the future.

Another Year In Hell 12″ is out December 3rd via Middle-Man Records (US), Scully Records (US), Pundonor Records (ES), LilacSky Records (NO), Boslevan Records (UK), zilpzalp records (DE), Sad React Records (DK), Sand Shove Records (IT).

For fans of: Raein, Funeral Diner, the Saddest Landscape, End of a Year, Moss Icon, Yaphet Kotto


Formed in 2018, Overo is an emotional hardcore band from Houston, Texas. The hallmark of the band’s sound is the interplay of Lindsay Minton and Brendan Stephens, who call and respond with whispers and screams, jangling rhythms and ripping riffs. The result is what Kerrang deemed “beautiful and visceral” and what New Noise Magazine called “chaotic and sentimental.”

4 - Overo - photo by Karissa Rendon (1)-min
OVERO by Karissa Rendon

Overo released a self-titled 12”, a 7” split with Japanese hardcore legends Aesthenia, and toured the US and UK. The band’s second LP is currently in production.

Punch On!:

Forever skewing the member-to-amplifier ratio, Bristol-based screamo duo Punch On! combine the ferocity of neo-crust with the emotive and rhythmic leanings of bands like Loma Prieta, Raein, and Birds in Row. Formed in late 2016, their music contains off-kilter rhythms, extended chords, short sections, and screamed vocals.

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Punch On! - photo by Tony Fenn James-min
Punch On by Tony Fenn James

Punch On! lyrically explore a range of topics, from the personal to the political; from lived experiences to perspectives on a changing world; love, anger, and anarchy.


Zochor is a post-hardcore band from Nottingham, UK featuring members of Algae Bloom, What Price Wonderland, and Plaids. Formed in 2019, the band’s shouty vocals and sparkling, often chorus-soaked guitars recall the earliest and most unscripted days of that thing we now call “emo.”


Zochor isn’t just a torchbearer of the Revolution Summer sound, though–they’re too weird for that. Expect your nostalgia trip to be interrupted often and without warning by odd tempo changes, samples, and whiplash dips into jazz and post-punk.

Coma Regalia:

One of the most prolific and influential modern screamo acts, Coma Regalia offers a fresh perspective on the classic screamy hardcore of bands like Funeral Diner and Orchid.

Coma Regalia

Throughout numerous lineup changes, tours, and releases, the driving force behind the band remains Shawn Decker, a multi-talented instrumentalist, passionate vocalist, a creative collaborator whose efforts have been critical to the growth of the DIY screamo scene over the past decade.

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