PRIVATE MIND by Max Holsbeke
PRIVATE MIND by Max Holsbeke
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PRIVATE MIND joins Triple B Records: listen to “In Vain”, a fusion of melodic hardcore and Long Island’s legacy

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Triple B Records, an imprint known for championing voices that redefine genres, has recently unveiled its newest signing—Private Mind, the trailblazing melodic hardcore band from Long Island. Their upcoming LP, The Truth You See, is slated for release on October 13th.

The album weaves together the darkly poetic lyricism and eruptive energy that are the hallmarks of Long Island’s musical DNA. Yet, it incorporates an intriguing layer of post-hardcore elements, broadening the sonic spectrum. The band debuted their new single, “In Vain,” a compelling blend of guttural screams and melodic vocal passages, underscored by equally dynamic instrumentation.

“’In Vain‘ is about leading by example. There’s an abundance of judgment from the sidelines without any action. Putting people on a pedestal and worshiping them for the wrong reasons.” — Sal Manaro, Drummer of Private Mind

PRIVATE MIND by Max Holsbeke
PRIVATE MIND by Max Holsbeke

Comprising four brand new tracks and revisiting four songs from their 2020 self-titled debut, The Truth You See delves into the psychological and social intricacies of life. It grapples with personal disillusionment, conflicting ideologies, and the complex choreography of human interaction.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Greg Thomas of Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT, the album also received its final aural polish from Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering. The craftsmanship behind The Truth You See ensures its place as a compelling addition to Triple B Records’ esteemed catalogue, now available for pre-order.

Private Mind have shared the stage with iconic Long Island predecessors like Silent Majority and Incendiary. Moreover, their fall lineup is peppered with performances alongside heavy hitters like The Backup Plan, Stretch Armstrong, and This Is Hell.

Upcoming Shows:

9/22 – Amityville, NY @ Amityville Music Hall w/ The Backup Plan
10/21 -Amityville, NY @ Amityville Music Hall w/ Stretch Armstrong, This Is Hell

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