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Mathy post hardcore rockers KAMBODSJA teasing new album “Resilient”

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From the Norwegian underground scene emerges Kambodsja, a fusion of post-hardcore and math-rock elements, who have just released a compelling new music video for their track “Basement Prophet.” This latest offering serves as a tantalizing preview of their forthcoming fifth studio album, “Resilient,” slated for release on September 29th via the eclectic label Mas-Kina Recordings—home to diverse acts like Beaten To Death and Grant The Sun.

Decibel Magazine premiered the video, which showcases the band’s distinct approach to lyrical content. Far from a mere adrenaline-fueled basher, “Basement Prophet” serves as the band’s closest foray into political commentary. The song challenges the proliferation of “stupidity, false information, hate, and conspiracies” on social media, aiming to lampoon online trolls. A particular point of interest is the song’s chorus, “we could all use a little bit more hate,” which Decibel Magazine and the band both affirm is laced with sarcasm rather than a literal call to arms.

Kambodsja band by Fotograf Stian S. Evensen
Kambodsja band by Fotograf Stian S. Evensen

Kambodsja shed light on their evolving creative process, noting that the focus on vocals and lyrics has intensified for this track. Unlike their previous efforts, where musical composition took precedence, “Basement Prophet” has undergone multiple iterations—both before and after the recording phase—resulting in a song that the band is genuinely thrilled about.

“Resilient” is produced once again by Øyvind R. Gundersen, known for his work with acts like Sibiir and Rumble in Rhodos. Pre-orders for the album are already live, signaling high anticipation for what is promised to be another genre-bending excursion into aggressive and intricate sonic landscapes.

Meanwhile, the music video for the album’s leading single “Idlemind” is still available.

Hailing from Drammen, Norway, Kambodsja has earned its reputation as one of the most respected, long-standing underground bands in the region. The group maintains a commitment to crafting music that reflects their spontaneous creative impulses, rather than adhering to predefined genre norms. This free-wheeling approach has led to a unique musical alchemy, described by some as a blend of “skewed metal, energetic punk, and progressive indie rock.”


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