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Progressive, sludge, instrumental noise outfit UPCDOWNC new adventurous track “Arc”

Trepanation Records is releasing the 8th album from Kent-based out-of-the-box progressive, sludge, instrumental noise outfit UPCDOWNC on August 28th, and today, we’re thrilled to ive you their newest single “Arc”, following two previously released songs “Miar” and “Cold Harbour”, also available below.

Comments the band: ‘Arc was the first song we started working on after releasing “I, Awake” and uses the same guitar tuning as most of the tracks on that album. A lot of the riffs were heavily influenced by bands like Mastodon and Goatsnake which we wove together with a few more pysch-rock influenced passages.’

For fans of: Swans, Black Sabbath and Mogwai.

Score’, stellar new album from progressive, sludge, instrumental noise outfit Upcdownc, follows on from 2017’s “I, Awake” and is in many ways it’s little sister.

Guitarist Chris Garth comments: “Writing wise we were still exploring similar sound ideas to those used on “I, Awake”, but this time taking more of an influence from noise rock bands such as Melvins, The Jesus Lizard and ambient and sludge acts such as Tangerine Dream and Thou”.

Garth adds “We wanted to make something similar to “I, Awake”, where the album is one big listening experience, but to move away from the music being divided into lots of sections, instead coming at it from a more song orientated point of view”

“The concept behind the music and artwork on “Score” is all about looking back over our last 20 years together, trying to move forward sonically whilst paying respect to everything we’ve done. Not to give too much away, but there are many elements within the album title, song titles and music that hark back to our past”

upcdownc band

Upcdownc have gone through many changes over the last 20 years from their early post rock beginnings into post metal, prog, noise, horror synth, sludge and many more in between. It’s all these ingredients that make “Score” a captivating listening experience

Since forming in 2000 Upcdownc have gone on to the share the stage with the likes of Bossk, 65daysofstatic and Oneida as well as sound carrying for the legendary Can frontman Damo Suzuki, and appearing at festivals including ArcTanGent and Belgium’s Dunk! Festival.

Upcdownc are: C. Garth (Guitars, Effects, Synths, Piano, Percussion, Saw), J. Bridges (Bass, Synths, Effects), D. Forster (Drums and Percussion).

Acclaim for Upcdownc’s previous album ‘I, Awake’:

“Constantly exploring the boundaries of their medium and constantly pushing those boundaries outwards” – Echoes & Dust

“Another great album, it’s no great surprise” – Rock Sound

“Experimenting with something far denser and sludgier than anything that has come before” – Kerrang

Progressive, sludge, instrumental noise outfit UPCDOWNC new adventurous track “Arc”
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