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“Pure Kafka” – experimental psych duo ALIEN LIZARD comment on their debut record

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One can go about how to review the debut record from Gdańsk, Poland’s noisy, psychedelic, experimental duo ALIEN LIZARD a number of ways, but I am more of a fan of putting it into the hands of artists themselves. We asked the band to share a couple of lines about each and every track from their astounding, intriguing oeuvre to keep the thoughts flowing and set the one for our further interpretations.

Since its conception in the 60s, the concept of psychedelia has been well filtered and explored through a dozens of mutations. “Pure Kafka“, the extravagantly rendered debut record from Gdańska based duo ALIEN LIZARD, serves as a uniquely satisfying reconciliation of noise, psych rock, and avant-garde experiments that works wonderfully. It reaches out and pulls you in, especially when you clash the unearthly tunes with a flood of thoughts encouraged by the teaser commentaries below.


Is humanity in an embryonic state moving toward a greater digital consciousness? Is technology advancing faster than our biology can handle? We are in the midst a black swan event and we don’t even know it.

Pure Kafka

There has always been a peculiar fixation on separating ourselves from the environment. We crave control. We manipulate atoms willy nilly and without thought of the potential consequences. We are simultaneously the gods of universe and the oblivious ants living in chaotic harmony with the world.

A Brave New Ad

How many of our thoughts are our own? How much of our wants or needs are things we actually want or need? “This not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!”

Parallel Parks

There is a rhythm to everything. The yin eternally dances with the yang. In the waltz of life we have become so preoccupied with what we see on the screen we don’t realize that we are living in the movie.

Heaven takes the Moon

The vast beauty of our universe has been drowned out by the artifice of street lamps and skyscrapers. The city is a mechanical ant hill and we have distorted ourselves to become it.

Forest Hunter

If you have made it this far, there is no going back. “Put on your special glasses and enjoy the ride.”

Welcome to Duat

The abyss has many forms and many eyes of which to see. Choose the right one and you will find that which you seek. Choose the left one and you will find that which you seek. The answer is in the question. Always.

Another Camel for Camus

All roads lead to the fall of rome. All roads are ink on the map. The neural network is 88% uploaded. Godspeed and good luck!

Goodbye to the Holy Mountain

Upload Complete.

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