NATIVE LUNGS live in Pogłos, Warsaw, July 2017, Paweł Stępień
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NATIVE LUNGS – new post hardcore band comment on the social struggles of today

NATIVE LUNGS live in Warsaw, July 2017, Paweł Stępień
NATIVE LUNGS, the newest Warsaw  swampy post hardcore act with members of WORDS MEAN NOTHING, KARATE FREE STYLERSVIOLENT ACTION, HANAKO, and BROOKS WAS HERE, are named after the medical term taken from single lung transplantation, in which the native organ;s complications are a significant cause of post-transplant mortality. It’s an allegory to portray the struggles of modern day life in a fast moving world run by vicious mechanisms, and ruthless political and corporate practices. The band locked in inside just three tracks, and offered us a first-hand commentary on their meaning.

NATIVE LUNGS delivers a dirty post hardcore sound drawn from bands like REFUSED, THE HOPE CONSPIRACY, TTRASH TALK, JESUSEATER, and THE MELVINS, and is a fitting addition to the sludgy subgenre’s canons, which in itself is very high prais and makes this a strong debut.

The Tables Have Turned

“The tables have turned/You have this feeling/You’ve seen that movie/Before/Cast without middle class/Workers divided and conquered/The title says/The tidal says/The end/The end of wealthy north”

Crisis. We’ve all seen that footage before or maybe only those who pay attention to the history of the earlier century. Rich versus poor. While middle class is being systematically wiped out we can observe what is happening. History repeats itself. Colonization harvest the spoils of neocolonization. The only difference is that developed north is no longer able to sustain it’s growth. Heavy lies the crown. The power and wealth of developed north is shrinking and the asian tigers are reaching for it. Northern America and Europe is devastated by the insatiable greed of their corporations. We’re being led astray by the establishment. Look at our societies. Fundamentalists and religious fanatics divided the people on behalf of moral high ground. This is covering fire for corporations and those 2% which held the most of the wealth. They could do their dirty laundry and follow their agendas while we’re busy biting each other and babbling about someone’s sexuality, race or gender. Maybe that sounds crazy but i believe they locked us behind bars made from our individual values. There’s nothing wrong with being individual but there’s so much scorn. No one wants to reach the other side and start the dialogue. We sit in our ghettos believing we’re doing something extremely important. But matter of fact we are being played. We don’t have time to think cause we’re running for our paycheck. We don’t have time so we seek the easiest, flattest solutions. It’s easy to hate your neighbour cause he’s muslim or jew. It is harder to overcome those simple solutions which establishment is serving on a silver plate. It is harder to hate the banksters and corporations. It is hard to perceive the fact that they’re responsible for crisis. Not muslims, jews, homosexuals or whatever your priest is telling you in your local church.


“Psychological Warfare/Gold/Oil/Drugs/G.O.D.”

Every conflict on the globe is about the control over shrinking amounts of resources. No matter what the media says. Religion is only an excuse, a facade and of course geopolitical alliances survived Cold War. I’m not sure if it truly ended. I think it just freeze for a bit in early nineties. Nowadays we can observe the sheriff’s bonfire all across the Middle East. Kurds never had the chance to build their own country because of oil. Look at the northern syrian border. It is a straight line mady by French. Don’t even ask me about tensions between North Korea and USA. Nuclear power trip is only tip of the iceberg. It is also about resources. Rare earth metals. Look at how much of modern conflicts were about drugs. Production and control over them. These three things are fundamentals of our civilization.


“You’re trying to hold on/You’re trying to stood up/Qualities and quantities/Inequalities meets quantities/Forget meritocracy/Welcome to corporate orchestrated plutocracy/The score is already settled/Barricades became facades/We’re fucked by the same coupe”

Old native americans speak about the two wings of the same eagle. There’s no real difference between liberals on bankster payroll or neoconservatives. They’re on always on someone’s payroll. 2% of wealthiest people use their lobbyists to ensure success of their agendas. That’s how the system works. Sometimes we can stop the nastiest things but we have lack of information. We have our lives. We want to be happy. Build our future. Build it for our children. There’s so many people. Planet is clearly overpopulated. Everyone wants to be part of something. Be important. We struggle to get it. The message from the top is clear. Think about your family. Run for your life. This message come from people who doesn’t even bother to count their profits by themselves. We fall in love with the delusion that someday we become one of them.


NATIVE LUNGS – new post hardcore band comment on the social struggles of today
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