PUSH! (members of PxHxT) stream their debut album in full!

Lisbon hardcore act PUSH! (members of PxHxT) are streaming their debut full length in full! Take a listen and get your copy via Hell Xis!

With the ex members of PxHxT arises PUSH!
The will doesn’t die. In a coffee table in Alvalade we all talked about our dreams and desires around what unites us and makes us move …
Starting from scratch, a new sound, a new will… more and more dedication …
Then it started PUSH! It was difficult to get the right name for a new beginning, but that’s it … Push! Do not give up if you’re going down… fight… never let yourself go down! PUSH!
In five months with effort and dedication got 14 tracks to record the first Full Length Debut Album Now we want to show what love and effort for this is capable! PUSH! 2013… Breathe in the Future! Breathe out the past! LISBON HARDCORE!

Nuno Cruz (Noia) – Vocals
Ricardo Servo – Guitar
Davide Neves – Guitar
André Paiva – Bass
Luis Silva (Peixoto) – Drums / Suburban bookings

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