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PUSHED TOO FAR – “One Step at a Time” video

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PUSHED TOO FAR just premiered a music video for their song “One Step at a Time”.


The rain poored down while i was writing this rhyme, i was too tired many things on my mind. i was in a town where i didn’t want to be, so it’s clear to see that i ordered a beer.
1 step at a time – clearing my mind
i knew in advance that i couldn’t get to sleep, the fire was burning way too deep. but i didn’t weep, i drew and wrote, E97 tags and this very note
how to cope with all ahead i barely know, but it’s gotta work out, coz it has to be so
clearing my mind one step at a time, in the very process of writing this rhyme…
1 step at a time – clearing my mind
after all that happened, you’d think i’d change, but i aint gonna change coz i’m made this way. it’s the nature of the beast, the way it’s meant to be, now my mind is at ease, going strong, living free
i’ve lost my family a long time ago, 26 years old and still going strong, my girl, my band and the NMC pulled me through, new school family, only for them i’ll remain taking hits, only for them i’ll remain talking shit!

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