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QUESTIONS – “The Same Blood” video (feat. Rodrigo Lima of DEAD FISH)

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IDIOTEQ pals from Brazil, powerful hardcore band QUESTIONS have debuted a new music video for their song ‘The song The Same Blood’, taken from their new album “Pushed Out…of Society”. Joining them for this powerful offering is Rodrigo Lima from the Brazilian hardcore pack DEAD FISH! Lima helped to write the lyrics that address issues such as racism, homophobia, hatred and ways how to fight with it. Watch below and share!

Photo by @gsugui.


the same blood

a glint, a spark, it’s all you need
something to stand up for

so much intolerance in this world
how can we cope with it

they always say we won’t make a change
no matter how hard we try

but we can’t stand it, and we won’t take it
won’t let it slip away

nothing more than peace for the people
nothing less, prepared for the battle
our dreams, struggles, demands and rights
people together deciding their lives

racist shit, never accept
human rights are the rights of us all
homophobia, never accept
a right that we don’t defend is a right that is lost

no one is born with a heart full of hate
this is taught and learned
it’s up to us to realize
we all share the same blood

necessidade e estratégia,
todas as dores, quebrar a inércia
a mesma ação

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