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RACETRAITOR teams up with Dennis Lyxzén for “Pastoral Monolith”

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As Racetraitor gears up for the launch of their album “Creation and the Timeless Order of Things,” they present their latest single, “Pastoral Monolith,” featuring Dennis Lyxzén of Refused.

This new offering from the band delves into a darker, doom-inspired sound, enriched by the haunting melodies of a piano and underscored by the intense vocal interplay between Mani Mostofi and Lyxzén. The accompanying music video pays tribute to The (International) Noise Conspiracy’s work on “Smash It Up” and is available for viewing online.

In their latest work, Racetraitor tackles the enduring and destructive legacy of British colonialism, particularly highlighting its impact on Nigeria. The band comments on the release, noting the recent violence in Gaza and its roots in colonial history. They also acknowledge the participation of Lyxzén, who brings not only his voice but a shared history of activism against colonial and capitalist systems to the project.

Racetraitor, formed in 1996 and consisting of Mani Mostofi, Dan Binaei, Andrea Black, R. Brent Decker, and Andy Hurley, remains a potent force both musically and politically. Their new album, consisting of 13 tracks, continues their mission of advocating for liberation from oppressive systems and creating a “geographic autobiography” of the band.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a delay in the album’s completion, originally set for 2020. This interruption, however, led the band to revisit their sonic ambitions, ultimately crafting a sound described as heavier, more psychedelic, and globally conscious. The album features a variety of collaborators, including Dennis Lyxzén, Tim Kinsella, Stan Liszewaki, Sanket Lama, and a noise track from Ethan Lee McCarthy.


“Creation and the Timeless Order of Things” is available for pre-order ahead of its November 17 release. The record, written and produced by Racetraitor, was recorded and mixed by industry professionals across several studios, promising a polished and impactful auditory experience.

The album’s tracklist boasts a diverse range of features, suggesting a rich tapestry of sounds and narratives. Each track appears to offer a distinct perspective, contributing to the album’s overarching theme of challenging historical and current injustices.

Fans will have the opportunity to experience Racetraitor’s live energy at an upcoming show in Grand Rapids, MI, at Sweat Fest, held at Skelletones on December 9.

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