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RADIOHEAD live at Bonnaroo festival 2012

RADIOHEAD‘s full set from this year’s Bonnaroo festival (June 8th, 2012) is available below.

Thom Yorke dedicated the song “Supercollider” to Jack White:

This song is for Jack White. We saw him yesterday. A big thank you to him, but we can’t tell you why. You’ll find out.

Here’s the set list:
01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Kid A
04 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
05 Staircase
06 The Daily Mail
07 I Might Be Wrong
08 The Gloaming
09 Separator
10 Nude
11 Morning Mr Magpie
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Karma Police
16 Feral
17 Idioteque
18 You And Whose Army?
19 House Of Cards
20 Supercollider (dedicated to Jack White)
21 Bodysnatchers
22 True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place
23 Give Up The Ghost
24 Reckoner
25 Paranoid Android

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