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REALITY SLAP interviewed by Legends Arising

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Legends Arising conducted an interview with Lisbon, Portugal’s hardcore band REALITY SLAP.

Is it difficult to combine being in a band with ordinary life? What do you all do off the stage?

Sometimes it is. Hardcore doesn’t pay the bills, so having a band is and always will be a thing we do for fun and for the love about hardcore and music. We’re with five guys and everyone has his own problems and leads different lives, but we always need to find a time to practice, play shows and write. I live in London now so it’s been even more difficult to combine; I have to fly every time we have a show. I’m still studying, and so are Gus and Tim. JP and Tiago both work.

Your album Necks and Ropes sounds great! How long did it take to write that release? What inspired you?

Thanks, actually the writing process for Reality Slap is always very quick, we just “go with the flow” of the moment. Our first demo and CD was written in one afternoon by Gus and me. This new record took more time, also because we didn’t have as much free time to be together. However, it didn’t take long even though we thought more about the songs than on the previous CD. We were inspired basically by what we already have done. We wanted to sound the same but with a little new twist, maybe a little more metal, but our major influences since the beginning were bands like Agnostic Front, Breakdown, Dmize and the Cro-Mags.

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