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Recall: Boston Beatdown Documentary, Vol. II (2004)

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Boston Beatdown, Volume II movie was released on June 22nd, 2004 by the Music Video Distributors studio. It’s an interesting look on subculture of Boston hardcore. The three official descriptions will tell you all you need to know about it. Now you can watch the entire thing online. Check it out below.

Known for delivering some of the most uncompromising hardcore punk bands, Boston has made it’s mark on the world map of rock. This documentary shows off some of the finest talents in the scene, as well as illustrating the ever-present tension at shows, which often culminate in scenes of violence and brawling. Boston Beatdown – Volume II video Interview footage and live clips combine on BOSTON BEATDOWN VOLUME II, and provide an explosive treat for any fans of the genre.

Boston Beatdown, Volume II, is a unique collaboration by some of Boston’s most influential hardcore heroes and bands. What began as a simple documentary has erupted into a worldwide underground phenomenon. Shortly afterthe limited release of ‘Volume I’ Boston Beatdown became synonymous with the association of violence and hardcore. Be it the mayhem of a show, the violence of its aftermath, or the chaos of an ensuing riot, Volume II has captured it for the world to see. From the attack by hardcore kids on singer Moby to the sewing up of stab wounds on a living room couch, no other hardcore documentary has ever been so brutally honest and real. Featuring live performances and interviews from such bands as Blood For Blood, Death Before Dishonor, and Righteous Jams, and featuring never before seen footage of Wrecking Crew, In My Eyes, and Ten Yard Fight, “Volume II” has, in many eyes, already proven itself to be the hardest and most graphic look at the violent underworld of hardcore. Combined with exclusive interviews by founding members of Boston’s notorious FSU gang and scored by a soundtrack of some of Boston’s hardest music, Volume II, tells the story and history of Boston hardcore from past until present.

In a day and age in which consumer curiosity has spawned a worldwide phenomenon of reality seekers and bandwagon junkies, multi-media corporations have responded with a wartime barrage of Holywood style reality television shows, commercialized movies, and over-produced news programs. Boston Beatdown has arisen to challenge their version of reality and satiate the appetites of all those who feel distant and withdrawn from the portrayal of life by the mainstream media. Focusing on documentary film and music, Boston Beatdown is dedicated to themillions of Americans and adolescents worldwide who feel abandoned by the world around them. Boston Beatdown described as “brutal” and “intense,” Volume II delivers an all out assault on those whose perceptions of reality are blinded by mainstream media. Accomplishing what its title commands, Volume II forces its audience to witness and experience the dark and often violent world of the underground hardcore music scene. It is a documentary on a world frequently ignored and overlooked by traditional society; a world of music, violence, family and respect.


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