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Refuse Records announce 5 new releases!

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I already reported on the new GOVERNMENT FLU releases in cooperation with Refuse Records, but Robert have just announced a couple more exciting records that he plans to put out via his brilliant label. See the details below and order via [email protected]!

Refuse new releases


The first full length LP from this Veganarchist Straight Edge UK band. In their own words – We are a collective from around the world who have been living in London for many years. This band was started to give voice to our views and beliefs, and to encourage punk music to become a political threat again. This LP is definitely an expression of this; with 20 fast and uncompromising songs, sounding closer to the local UK tradition of crustcore or hardcore-thrash (Ripcord, Doom or Health Hazard) than any other VxSE band. Their lyrics are a commentary and critic of many negative things going on in the world today, touching, thought and actively provoking. This release is coming with a booklet, poster, sticker and gatefold cover and it’s a result of a truly international DIY cooperation with 12 labels involved from all over the globe (Europe, Asia, North & South America).

Track list:

Side A:
1.We, The Plague
2.If not You Who, If not Now When
3.The Other Wall
4.Sin Fronteras
5.Rain of Ashes
6.Creating Consent
7.They Shall Not Pass
8.The Constant Obliteration of Our Hopes
9.No Utopias
10.Play Fast or Don’t

Side B:
11.Happy Under the Sun
12.Environmental Holocaust
13.Dismantled Mentality
14.We Will Enjoy its Collapse
15.A Lie has Speed, But Truth Has Endurance
16.Stopping The Motor of the Modern World
17.Su Liberacion Esta en Nuestras Acciones
18.Unspoken Genocides
20.Raise Your Voice

Pressing info:

15 test presses (not for sale)
500 copies, black vinyl (11,00 EUR + shipping)

Release: May 2014
Shipping: May 2014

Also Available:
HELLO BASTARDS “III” demo cd-r 10zł / 2,50 EUR / $3,50 (Favela)
HELLO BASTARDS/JAGERNAUT split tape 10zł / 3,00 EUR / $4 (Noise Attack+Skull Crusher+Savered Seconds+…


Do you feel tension in the air? This is Refuse Records’ hundreth release! Heart is bursting with pride and appreciation for everyone who has helped us to reach this number. This special hundreth release is neither a repress/ re-edition nor any kind of a cult band from over there, but the band that was formed in the same city Refuse Records was founded. From here, right here and right now. This is the release which shows that PLHC is the quality you need to take into account…Over the last few years GOV FLU have been showing their class, gaining respect both on their own backyard and abroad. But this new record is a step even further. New songs are bursting with high octane energy, they have become faster and even more aggressive. Wolfi excells himself on the drums, Ralf spits out even more venom and anger and Marcin and Lipek do their guitar parts at breakneck speed. The sound causes adrenaline rush which can put your life at risk. Recorded and mixed by Mad Greg, mastered by Smok and here we have it – the release which is undoubtedly one of the most killer records that have been put out by the Vistula river in a recent years.
Cassette edition will be out on Flophouse Tapes in the USA.

Track list:

Side A:
2.Bad blood
4.Nothing personal
6.Burn the bridge
7.Crime scenes

Side B:
8.Iron locks
10.On the mend
11.Misplaced anger
12.Empty rooms
13.Nobody’s waiting

100 copies on white vinyl, “Refuse #100” edition, different cover (12,00 EUR + shipping)
200 copies on blue vinyl (10,00 EUR + shipping)

Also available:
GOVERNMENT FLU “Fuck poetics” 7″ (Refuse) 18zł / 5e / $6 (1st press, green vinyl)
GOVERNMENT FLU “Fuck poetics” 7″ (Refuse) 14zł / 3,5e / $4,5 (2nd press, black)
GOVERNMENT FLU “Fuck poetics + Demo 2008” mcd (Refuse+NNNW) 20zł / 5,00 EUR
GOVERNMENT FLU “Are you sorry now?” 12″ (NNNW) 35zł / 9,00 euro / $12
GOVERNMENT FLU “Singles collection” 12″ (Refuse+NNNW) 40zł / 10,00 EUR / $13 (1st press, blue vinyl)
GOVERNMENT FLU “Singles collection” 12″ (Refuse+NNNW) 39zł / 10,00 EUR / $13 (2nd press, black vinyl)
GOVERNMENT FLU/POISON PLANET “Government poison” 7″ (1st press, blue vinyl) 18zł / 4,50 EUR (Refuse)
GOVERNMENT FLU/POISON PLANET “Government poison” 7″ (2nd press, black vinyl) 15zł / 4.00 EUR (Refuse)

VOWELS “Chxxnxd (Sxssxxn)” 7″EP PRE-ORDER
Vowels out of Dresden, Germany attacking your ears with their second 7″ release. It contains 6 songs (incl. BIG BOYS cover) recorded on the same session as their debut 7″ on Vendetta Records. If you dig powerviolence, fastcore or straight edge – or all this things combined – don’t sleep on this band. Half of the line-up was active in THE TANGLED LINES but the list of the bands they’ve been or they are active in is longer than their songs. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Vaccine, Failures, Orchid) at Dead Air Studios. Artwork by Paul XRRRX.
Vowels on tour in Europe between 9-17.03. (Dates below)

Side A
3.DxWN xND xxT
4.xWN DxCLxNx

Side B
6.Nx (BxG BxzS cxvxr)

Pressing info:

3 test presses (not for sale)
100 copies on clear vinyl (5,00 EUR + shipping)
200 copies on black vinyl (5,00 EUR + shipping)

Release show: 09.03. Germany, Köln @ AZ Köln w/ Minutes
Shipping: March 2014

Also available:
VOWELS s/t 7″ 14zł / 3,50 EUR / $4,50 (Vendetta)

09.03. Germany, Köln @ AZ Köln w/ Minutes, Bloodstains
10.03. Netherlands, Nijmegen @ de Onderbroek w/ Bleak Bulge
11.03. Netherlands, Amsterdam @ Vrankrijk
12.03. Belgium, Antwerp @ Music City w/ Nervous Mothers, Bite Down
13.03. Belgium (Ghent/Kortrijk) NEED HELP !!!! NEED HELP !!!!
14.03. France, Saint Etienne en Coglès @ La LAussandiere
15.03. France, Brest @ tba
16.03. France, Nommay @ Pinky Bar w/ Doomsisters, Rougeot Youth
17.03. Germany, Erlangen @ Jugendhaus w/ Skaggs

MIND TRAP “Life among liars and thieves” 7″EP PRE-ORDER
When Germans secretly tighten their bonds with Russians again, that can’t mean anything good for Europe and the rest of the world. The “Mind Trap” pact was signed in Berlin of 2013, behind the sealed bunker doors on Wilhelmstrasse. Luckily, we managed to sneak in a Polish mole; an inside conspirator, through whom we try to keep things in control. Europe may take another breath.
Officials signing the new world order here, all awarded by Iron X’s for their merits: Field Marshal Eggert (divisions Highscore, Monster and Nothing) , General artillery Eggebrecht (divisions of The Tangled Lines, Government Flu, Vitamin X) , General infantry and propaganda minister Stronzik (divisions Highscore, Short Fuse) and the Kremlin representative tovarishch Generalissimus Chkhikvadze (division Rearrange).
Mind Trap is a total vegan straight edge brigade that sound harder than a tiger tank engine, more frigtening than a katyusha and will come over you faster and even more destructive than the blitzkrieg ever could. ” Life among liars and thieves” 7 “contains six blasts and it’s coming out in a cooperation between Refuse Records and SFR Records underground headquarters.

Track list:

Side A:

2.Tunnel vision
3.Two face

Side B:

1.Only warning
2.Life among liars and thieves
3.Live it or leave it

Pressing info:

3 test presses (not for sale)
500 copies on black vinyl (5,00 EUR + shipping)

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