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Refuse Records’ fresh hardcore delivery: WARXGAMES, NO-HEADS, EAT MY FEAR, Warsaw’s Burning vol. 2

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Polish/German hardcore punk label Refuse Records shows no signs of stopping any of the prolific practices it has been lauded for in the past since its forming in 1993! The newest batch of offerings include records from Berlin based queer feminist hardcore punk band EAT MY FEAR, Baltimore straight-edge hardcore act WARxGAMES, Richmond’s NO-HEADS, and a follow up Polish hardcore punk compilation dubbed Warsaw’s Burning. See the details below.

 V/A “Warsaw’s Burning vol. 2” 7”EP

Release # 150 on Refuse Records is the second part of the Warsaw’s Burning compilation. Ten years after the release of the first volume, which featured recordings from Warsaw’s best HC bands, the time has come to summarize the current state of hardcore here with this new selection of bands from the local scene. The number and quality of bands who have emerged over the last decade (some of them even surviving past this decade) was so inspiring that we had to get to work on the next chapter. These songs consist of eight tracks unreleased anywhere else (or in one case, unreleased in this version on vinyl), from eight bands who prove how capable, active and talented the scene in the capital of Poland is today. The bands appearing on this second volume are GOVERNMENT FLU, HEATSEEKER, NEGATIVE VIBES, MORUS, BRAINEATER, CAST IN IRON, JAD and GLAMOUR. One-time pressing of 400 copies. Cover art by Maciek Wolański from Heatseeker.

EAT MY FEAR “Taking back space” 7″EP


“Taking back space” is the second ep of the queer feminist hardcore punk band EAT MY FEAR from Berlin. It’s a 6 song explosion in under 10 minutes, a loud, angry and still absolutely necessary mix of straight edge hardcore and queer punk, full of political expression. Adriessa’s pissed vocals tell stories about the experience of migration, about animal exploitation, about not fitting in because of homo- and transphobia. And while Eat My Fear created a place for all their anger, their ep is also a manifesto about supporting each other, about not giving up but fighting back. Eat My Fear are fighting a fight that still needs to be fought, together with bands like G.L.O.S.S., IRON, RESPECT MY FIST or ANTI-CORPOS, whith some of them they share members with. If you’re ready to take back your space, this is the perfect soundtrack to fight back! This is co-release between Emancypunx Records and Refuse Records.

WARXGAMES “Violent and depressed” 7”EP


Hailing from Baltimore City WARXGAMES formed as a outlet to focus intense personal and societal anger through the prism of straight-edge hardcore. VIOLENT AND DEPRESSED follows 2013’s 9 TRAX/NO NIGHTMARE and surpasses its fury combining Early Hardcore and Primitive Power-Violence to devastating effect. Featuring members of: THE PIST, WALL BREAKER, TRIAC and DEEP SLEEP. This is a split release between React! Records in North America and Refuse Records in Europe.

NO-HEADS “Pressure cracks” 12”

Richmond’s NO-HEADS takes cues from classic UK82 bands and would feel right at home in the NO FUTURE or RIOT CITY catalogs. Featuring members of THE VIRUS & MINDSET.US press on Six Feet Under Records.


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