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Misfortune: blackened crust hardcore act SCORNTHROATS premiere new thunderous record!

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From the metallic hardcore power of its very core, through overwhleming, violent gusts of fevered guitar, as well as its chaotic twists and turns, this isn’t so much “another hardcore record” as a true test of your stamina. “Misfortune” shows a different side to the very same band and finds them finding their balance in chaos. The stormy nature of this new debut full length from Italy’s SCORNTHROATS is just ridiculous, but it’s the band’s more introspective, skillfully juxtaposed atmospheric feel that they really impress. Listen for yourself and scroll down to check out new interview, exploring their transition from the previous brand, discussing the importance of physical formats in current digital era, live shows, and a lot more.

“Misfortune” by SCORNTHROATS comes out as a series of 250 ultra clear transparent 12” vinyl on May 6th via Strikedown ConspiracyAnchors Aweigh Records, Shove, Eastrain Records, and D.I.Y. Studio. Pre-orders bundles and digital copies are already available this loction.

Hey guys! It’s been w while since we last talked, huh? How have you been?

Hey Karol, nice to heard from you after so long, we’ve been great and quite busy so far.

Awesome! Please take us through the whole process that led you to forming this new band. Who are SCORNTHROATS and what’s behind the idea about changing the name?

We’ve been thinking about the change of the name since we were recording adrift in 2013 but we never did it and to be honest I don’t know why. The main reason it’s because we’ve never liked the name “Rise After Defeat”, it was a name I’ve picked up back in the early 2010 with the first line up and it does not represent anymore who/what we are now. However, after our last European tour done to promote Adrift we’ve took a kind of forced break from touring and playing so much because I’ve moved to Uk and we’ve started writing Misfortune. So once we’ve join the studio to started the recording sessions without saying anything officially we’ve played our last show under the name “Rise After Defeat” and announced / introduced live the new band name and played a couple of new songs from Misfortune. From that day, we’ve started getting shit done under this new name. So at the end of the day Karol, SCORNTHROATS is just the last RISE AFTER DEFEAT’s line up under a new, fresh and more remarkable name.


The overwhelming blackened bleak hardcore you’d settled on seems like a perfect genre of choice for you guys. Tell us about your inspirations for the general frame of your sound and how you arrived at such a solid sound and a certain approach to recording this new effort.

Well we all listen a lot of different music genres and we’re all involved in some way in the extreme underground music/show business, so we’re not total rookies which definitely turns to be useful when you need to get shit done for your own band. the sounds that you can hear in that record are definitely the evolution of what we are and we’ve always been, punks/hc kids who listen to metal and metalheads who listen to punk, hardcore and crust punk. It’s a mixture of all influences definitely quite focused on aggressivity of crust punk and hardcore and the ritual atmospheres that only the blackmetal can deliver, and maybe this mix it could sound a little bit more mature and focus on a specific direction than what we’ve released so far.

Technically speaking, how was the recording process itself? Tell us about the studio, third party participants that helped you wiith the production, and the equipment you used.

They were good. Quite long because I was living overseas while we were doing them, so a bit stressful but we’ve managed to get them done properly anyway. The album has been recorded by Simo and Dani who are really great sound engineers, so apart for the mastering that has been made by our great friend Giuseppe Melis they took care of the recording, mixing, and everything at Simo’s recording studio (THE DIY)

I must admit to loving all the digital solutions that took independent music to another dimension, but I just can’t shake my passion for physical releases. Having such an amazing art as the one you spice up your new record with, makes the listening experience more complete. Please tell us about the designs concept for the band, what it means to you and do you have any special connection to physical releases?

Well of course we do have a special connection with the physical release. Exactly as you just said Karol, having a 12” vinyl cover in your hands while your listen to the music and been able to read the lyrics, the credits and etc takes the listening experience to another level, it makes you understand better what you are listening to and give you different vibes, definitely you’ll be more focus on what your listening. The artwork and the concept of the album has been made by me after we’ve decided all together that we wanted something really simple and with a strong impact for this brand new album, so we’ve just created it. The simple seal of the band in the front, quick to be always recognized by anyone who knows us and easy to be remembered by everyone who will run into us and our music for the first time. It has been conceived to be something like that, something that will last.


What’s your opinion on digital music and distribution and how DIY labels fit the current picture?

Times have changed and will keep changing so you have to adapt if you want to be on track with everyone else. Physical or digital doesn’t even matter, the only matter is that you have to reach a specific target of people so you definitely have to adapt and understand the fact that you need both format. Vinyls or Cds are obiviously in my opinion always the best option, but nowdays you can’t avoid to have the digital format available.

Ok guys, so you have a couple of live dates scheduled for this May. Please drop us a couple of lines about these dates.

We’re extremely stocked that finally after ages we’ve managed to get a proper Italian tour that we’ve never did so far. We’ve always been touring Europe but we’ve never managed to do a proper tour in our country for many different reason. The shows are carefully selected and most of them are “one of a kind” so yes we’re really excited to be around and have the chance to play in front of people who probably always wondered to see us playing.


Speaking of hardcore festivals, what other gatherings have emerged over the last couple of years that are worth mentioning? What fests would you recommend to our readers?

They’re definitely too many, and all of them so interesting, obiviously talking about Italy the Venice Hardcore Festival is growing stronger and cooler every years, definitely recommended. Fluff fest, Ieper, Resurrection, GroezRock, Outbreak Fest in Leeds and more and more. Just to name a few.

Will there be more live shows from you guys later in 2017?

Yes, after this Italian tour in May we’re going to play some selected shows to present the album in Sardinia during the summer that will be announced quite soon and we’ll be hitting European stages later this year as well.


Alright, so let’s close it up with some of your favourite new music. Have you found something new lately you would like to recommend to our readers?

Lately I have to admit that I am really into the new NAILS record, last album of POWER TRIP as well, and we’re all looking forward to hear the new effort of WOLFBRIGADE.

Great! Thanks a lot for your time!

Thank you Karol. Hope to see you soon.

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