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Emotive post hardcore act TWINS premiere new riveting single “BATHROOM”

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With their new single and music video, mathy post hardcore act TWINS unveil a brilliant exploration of the inevitable interaction between tender emotions and controlled anger. “BATHROOM” teases the band’s new album “SOON”, slated for a February 14th release via a number of great DIY record labels: Through Love Records (GER), Missed out records (US), zilpzalp records (GER), Dingleberry Records (GER), Les disques Rabat-joie (CAN), Fresh Outbreak Records (IT), No Funeral Records (CAN), Fireflies Fall (FRA), Larry Records (US) and No Funeral Records (CAN). It’s as loud as desperate, pissed off, fidgety & strange , and draws inspirations from acts like Kidcrash, Fugazi, Touche Amore and The Blood Brothers.

The band shared their thoughts about the video:

“So this is it. Our first music video which we wrote and produced all by ourselves. We spent three days filming in countless different locations (for example in the woods, a grocery store, a basketball court, our practice space, a live club and a library) with some huge green screens and we had no idea how everything would gonna work out.

The final result is a kind of rabbit hole. It ends exactly where it started, just like thoughts running through multiple scenarios to eventually end up where they began. That also pretty much sums up our method as a band… think it through, try it out, get back to the start, throw it away, rethink it and repeat. It’s just like writing a song or making decisions in life… way too complicated.”

TWINS band by Toni Petraschk
TWINS, by Toni Petraschk: from the left: Jakob Schäfer, Tom Jetski, Tom Pätschke and Steffen Ok


and now you’re sitting in a bathroom trying to concentrate on your breath but that stench is annoying and the thoughts are coming back what if I never change? what if I always stay the same? what if those problems I collected for years never fade away? I have just two words left for you weiter weiter I have just three words left for you weiter weiter weiter I spent a whole year in a chair trying to infuse me with perception

TWINS band
TWINS, by Toni Petraschk; from the left: Jakob Schäfer, Tom Pätschke, Tom Jetski, Steffen Oks

Video credits: idea, script & directed by Tom Pätschke; co-writing by Tom Jetski; camera by Toni Petraschk, Tom Pätschke, Tom Jetski; cutting, editing, keying & sfx by Tom Jetski; “A warm and special thanks to our friend Toni and to Matthias Schwarzwälder and the Verbrauchergemeinschaft Dresden eG”.

Check out another new song from TWINS, called “Library”:

TWINS vinyl

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