Vancouver, Washington’s RKC (ROADKILL CARNIVORE) have a new EP coming soon. We’ll let you know as soon as they finish recording. Meanwhile, take a listen what RKC is all about:

Here’s the official bio:

Formed in 2006 out of Vancouver, WA. Originally started as a 3 piece Thrash/Hardcore band with Daniel Stout, Mat Skiles, and Shane Hartman. Daniel and Shane shared vocals and the band played under the name “Roadkill Carnivore” for the first few years. In late 2009, as the music progressed into the crossover style of hardcore and thrash metal, they enlisted Bryan Behrndt as frontman and lead vocalist. Shortly after adding Bryan to the lineup, the band started playing under the name “RKC” as an acronym, but still plays under the original name “Roadkill Carnivore” as well. After relocating to Portland, Oregon, they recorded a demo version of their 1st full length album, self-titled “Roadkill Carnivore” in the living room of their house, and it was released in Spring of 2010. For a couple years they played shows locally and promoted the 1st album. While writing new songs along the way, RKC eventually released their 2nd full length album titled “Barrage of Lurkers” the following Spring of 2011. Having 2 albums produced and enough experience playing with the current lineup, RKC went on their 1st National tour in Summer of 2011. From July 1st through August 25th, they played over 15 shows all through the Midwest, South, and West Coast. Since being back from tour, the band has written and handful of new songs, and are planning to release a split EP with SBR (Seattle, WA Fastcore) by Spring/Summer of 2012.

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