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Rock into your weekend with this captivating new record from power pop punk rockers HIDING FROM HUMANS

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Created 100% independently,with hopes to connect with a good label to release an LP sometime down the road, Radio EP from Canadian power pop punk rock band HIDING FROM HUMANS is a danceable hit record and a showcase of the quartetโ€™s talentfor infectious melodies and highly energized punk rock anthems. The 6-tracker honors the rich past of the melodic punk subgenre and opens doors to new creative possibilities, resulting in quite short, but extremely gratifying offering.

The band is joining us today to give you a special premiere of their new music video (watch above) and the first hearing of the full EP, along with special commentary and track by track rundown! 

The band is: Danny Owens – Guitar / Lead Vocals, Curtis Vanthuyne – Guitar / Vocals, Paul Robichaud – Drums, Chris Anderson – Bass / Guitar

2020 has been a long and frustrating year for HIDING FROM HUMANS.

“2020 was supposed to be a full year with playing shows, releasing an ep & making new friends.” – comments the band. “COVID-19 has affected the whole world and continues to leave a destructive path on everyone and everything, the music community has definitely been caught in the eye of the storm.”

“As both artists and venues in the industry have struggled with the fallout from this pandemic, it hits home hard when you see a club closing its doors or artists that canโ€™t pay the bills. What has been a big surprise to us all is how everybody in the music scene has pulled together and have all supported each other. That is something special to be a part of and really gives value to just how important music is to everyone. If thereโ€™s one thing to take away from 2020, is that everyone in the industry needs each other support and we will all get through this together and be back on the stage sometime again.”

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The band lists ALL, Descendents, Samiam, Gameface, Alkaline Trio, Big Drill Car, AFI, Saves the Day, Monty Are I, Boxcar Racer, New Found Glory, and Motion City Soundtrack as the bands that they feel have been a great influence to their writing styles.

Track by track rundown:

Radio – Centres around the topic of getting older, feeling as though you lack direction and trying to drown out the noise in order to focus on the future. The chorus can be taken both literally and figurativelyโ€ฆ โ€œTurn down the radioโ€ can refer to literally turning down the radio, as to not hear a lame, contrived song by song corporate rock band that has no soul; figuratively, it can refer to drowning out noise from everyday life so you can get a better picture of the future.

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Hiding From Humans

Lost Cause – A look at internal and external conflict, whether it be religious views, political correctness, and oneโ€™s right to individual thinking. There can be two sides to every argument, and it doesnโ€™t always have to mean someone is right and someone is wrong. Just because someone disagrees with your stance, it doesnโ€™t mean you have to change your way of thinking, if itโ€™s something that you genuinely believe in.

Whinge – A fun little track about the ups and downs of relationshipsโ€ฆ Definitely not intended to be one-sided or imply that women complain, and men are without flaw. The song can definitely relate to both genders and someoneโ€™s inability to hear the other one out; thus, the โ€œLa Da Da Daโ€ melody in the pre-chorus, which points out that sometimes, you just donโ€™t hear what a person is saying to youโ€ฆ

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Distance – Another track that focuses on the trials and tribulations of the relationship, but this one with a lot more feeling and less of a happy vide to it. The anxieties one can feel when trying to figure out your partner, trying to read someone, and in many cases, overanalyzing the situation. It also touches on the aspect of โ€œmoving onโ€, creating space, and not looking back on anything as being a waste of time.

Glum – This one focuses on getting older and trying keep a positive outlook on life. The fun, care-free days of our younger days are being replaced by the boring, sedimentary, and routine aspects of aging. The end message is that the best days may have passed, but thereโ€™s still good times ahead and getting older isnโ€™t the worst thing in the world.

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Hiding From Humans band

Drive – A song about personal reflection and being able to admit that youโ€™re not perfect. To some, what feels right isnโ€™t necessarily what is right. And itโ€™s not about where you are, but itโ€™s about having the drive to get to where you want to be and dealing with the obstacles that come with your journey.

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