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Emo grunge rockers BARBED WIRE premiere new album “One Last Drive”, listen!

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Teased throygh a couple of promising singles this September, Rome based emotive grungy post hardcore rockers BARBED WIRE are back with the first hearing of their exciting debut album, channeling nostalgia and the angst of 90s rock, while putting their own spin on the various styles, including post hardcore, alt rock and emo.

“The songs are all about moments of discomfort and reflection dealing with sentimental and social troubles of a single person.” – comments the band, and dives deeper into each and every track’s meaning through the quick track by track rundown below:

BW: album’s instrumental short intro based on emo and post-rock moods.

Along Your Spine: Emo song about sentimental delusion ending with a sad-type break down.

One Las Drive: album’s title track about nostalgic car-driving mood, ispired by emo revival wave

Just A moment: maybe the punkest song of the album, dealing with misunderstandig situations.

Rotting Feelings: post-HC/grunge balladwith a strange steam of consciousness.


My Brain’s not Here: probably the strangest post-HC/punk-tyipe song of the album with a bass line and a guitar line that intertwine together

Let Me Stare At the landscape: First single of the album released in may. strongly ispired by the sunny day’s midwest emo.

Womb: the only non-emotional song of the album, connected with the first alternativish-phase of Barbed Wire, talking about personal deseases.

No One Cares: second single of the album ending with a cool punk reprise who made everyone jump and cry at the same time

Mind Abuse: the oldest song of the album, strongly influenced by post-punk and grunge.

Behind the buildings: the younger song of the album, dealing with hard suffering after a bad break-up, soundingvery post-HC

BARBED WIRE are: Federico Coni: drums, Daniele Manno: Bass, Andrea Boiani: guitar/vocal

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