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Russian metallized crust hardcore villains TARPAN premiere debut EP; enter “The Doom” here!

Rostov-on-Don, Russia based TARPAN (members of WxTxZx, Egoism and Last Chance For You) charges with a killer mix of old school death metal, crust punk and d-beat, inspired by the sound of the legendary Boss HM-2 pedal, holding appeal for fans of the likes of both Gatecreeper and Fuming Mouth. Their debut EP “Doom” on Black Terror label marks their first studio release, and today we have the pleasure to unleash its full stream below!

“Doom is our first fully studio release.” – says the band. “The recording took place at the studio of our friends Masssound. They were also engaged in mixing and mastering, for which many thanks to them. The work with the guys from the studio was quite close (especially with Alex Pisarev) and as a result we got “the very” desired sound, which we are very happy about.”

Asked about their inspirations, TARPAN admit that they were inspired by both “personal soul feelings”, bands like Martyrdod, Tomb Mold, Outer Heaven, Hyperdontia, Mortiferum, Undergang, but also “a number of sci-fi works in cinema and literature.”

“We wanted to take as a basis our favorite old-school death metal sound, to write such tracks that we (and we hope that you too) would like to listen to on repeat and which would be interesting to play live. Compositions that would be remembered from the first listening.”

As for the lyrical content, the band says that “Doom” tells “a dark story about the rapid mental decay of a person, little noticeable at first, but inevitably leading to negative changes in the physical world, often irreversible.”

“We put a lot of energy and experience into this release to bring our music to a new level and we hope that you will like this release. The EP Doom will be available for streaming on November 5th.”

Russian metallized crust hardcore villains TARPAN premiere debut EP; enter “The Doom” here!
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