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San Diego legends HEROIN release full catalogue on Southern Lord Records

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Southern Lord, a renowned label known for its dedication to the heavy music scene, is set to release a monumental compilation album featuring the discography of San Diego hardcore legends, Heroin. Initially released as a Record Store Day exclusive variant in April, this highly anticipated collection will now be available digitally on July 23rd through Southern Lord.

Heroin, a pioneering force in the 90s underground punk and hardcore community, left an indelible mark on the music landscape with their short-lived existence from 1991 to 1993. Despite their relatively brief tenure, the band’s influence reverberated across countless post-hardcore and screamo acts of that era and continues to inspire artists to this day. Their very first 7-inch record not only introduced the world to Heroin’s raw energy but also served as the inaugural release for the legendary independent label, Gravity Records. Gravity Records played a pivotal role in shaping and promoting the iconic “San Diego sound,” while also delving into other realms of experimental music throughout their extensive catalog.

The Heroin discography compilation encompasses all of the band’s elusive 7-inch and 12-inch releases, as well as their contributions to various compilation albums. Additionally, it includes the long-lost session recorded by the band at the infamous Inner Ear Studios in Washington, DC, alongside previously unreleased tracks that have remained hidden from the public’s ears until now. This comprehensive collection is presented in a double LP gatefold “tip on” jacket, exquisitely packaged with a special zine that features a plethora of captivating photographs and insightful liner notes penned by Sonny Kay.


For fans of Heroin, this digital release will be a long-awaited opportunity to delve into the band’s influential discography and experience the raw power and artistic vision that defined their sound. Southern Lord’s dedication to preserving and sharing important moments in music history is commendable, allowing new generations to discover and appreciate the contributions of groundbreaking acts like Heroin.

The digital release of Heroin’s discography is a celebration of the band’s lasting impact and an invitation to dive into the sonic world that continues to resonate with passion and intensity.


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