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THE SATELLITE YEAR – “Tarantino: Part II” video

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Hey, wait up! Do not adjust your set and  please don’t judge me too harshly for sharing a video from a pop rock band, haha! The sound by the pop band THE SATELLITE YEAR has become edgier and more intriguing. We have been fans for a while and hope that you will be one as well after listening to their songs. The four-piece also just released a video. Enjoy!


THE SATELLITE YEAR have always been one of those few bands that made it look stupefyingly easy to come up with catchy-as-hell songs time and time again. With their second album release “Brooklyn, I AM” the five-piece from Saarland, Germany manages to attain a new level between Pop, Electro and Melodic Post Punk.

Their debut album “Mission: Polarlights”, released in 2011 on Midsummer Records, gained rave reviews and increased attention for the band both in Europe and overseas. Driven by the positive media feedback THE SATELLITE YEAR played shows and festivals in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, France in the further course of 2011 and finally did a UK Tour in 2012 – sharing the stage with bands such as NOFX, THE SUBWAYS, SILBERMOND, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, THE GET UP KIDS and many more.

It is likely that “Brooklyn, I AM” will continue to open doors for THE SATELLITE YEAR. Produced and mixed by Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio Italy, recorded and engineered by THE SATELLITE YEAR, this second album offers sweeping melodies and hymns that beg to be played from big stages. “Brooklyn, I AM” will be released via Midsummer Records on CD and as a download on the 6th March 2015.

“The title “Brooklyn, I AM” does not express our love for a certain city, but rather a metaphor for the ups and downs of life”

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