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Screamo acts DREI AFFEN / COMA REGALIA tease a new split!

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Indiana prolific screamo act COMA REGALIA have announced a new split with killer Spanish neocrust tinged emoviolence / screamo trio DREI AFFEN, featured on IDIOTEQ a couple of times before! Both bands are at its best when exploring the fusion between the organic sound oof the 90s screamo and modern inventiveness that wouldn’t  allow us to get bored. Their deliveries are instantly enjoyable, and we can’t wait to hear this new collaboration!

The split will hit the streets this coming Spring via a bunch of amazing DIY labels: Adorno (UK), Dasein (Denmark), Dingleberry (Germany), Discos Finu (Spain), Krimskramz (Spain, see our interview HERE), Middle-man (USA), Miss The Stars (Germany), Muerte Matar (Spain), Pifia (Spain / Germany), Producciones Tudancas (Spain),  Tim Tam (Germany), and Zegema Beach (Canada). Most of them are well covered here on IDIOTEQ, so feel free to click a name and explore some of their recent records!

The COMA REGALIA / DREI AFFEN split will be limited to 500 7” copies and it has just received an insane video teaser by Dani Rato “Rest in Tezla“, available for your viewing pleasure above. The featured artwork was created by Rodrigo Almanegra.

DREI AFFEN released their debut self-titled EP last year. You can find more details on that release HERE.

COMA REGALIA’s latest offering was released last month and it was the amazing split collaboration between the band and 3 other packs: UNTOLD WANT, OSTRACA, and VRIL. GO HERE to learn more and listen the whole thing.

Drei Affen is a power trio from Torrelavega (Cantabria). The band was formed in July, 2015. We do a mixture of plenty genres such as screamo, crust, neocrust, emoviolence, hardcore… Formed by Eloy (drums), Alber (guitar/vocals) and Elsa (bass/voice). Some of us have been part of other musical proyects like Osoluna, The Mystery Machine or Hooverville. We are part of the DIY scene because we dont´ identify at all with all the strategies and ideas of modern musical industry. For us, the DIY scene is a place where we feel safe because it totally fits with our ideals against racism, any kind of gender and sexual discrimination or abuse, speciesism and any other kind of opresión and fascism. In October, 2016 we released our first EP on vinyl and cassette. By the end of 2017 we’ll release a Split and we currently are recording some songs that will be included in our next LP that will be released by 2018. We have played plenty of shows all over Spain and we toured over France and Germany last spring. During our short trajectory we have been lucky to participate in festivals such as Miss The Stars Fest (Berlin), Actitud Fest (Catalonia), La Revuelta Primate (Salamanca), Booster (Valencia), Exilio (Asturias), At War With Seitan (Cantabria)… and to share great experiences with amazing bands and nice people.

For more  details on COMA REGALIA, visit Open Mind Saturated Brain blog and check out our interview, conducted 5 years (!) ago.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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