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2017 in review: Hamburg based DIY label Through Love Records!

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The past few years I’ve tried to digest some of those ‘Top 50’ lists and ‘year’s best’ columns created by well-known music mags and sure some of them have blessed us with some compelling angles, inspiring commentaries and tasteful selections, but I simply couldn’t embrace the artificiality of most of them. So, I say to myself, maybe it would be cooler to ask some of my beloved labels and artists to drop in their picks and make it a freakin’ series? And guess what? It works! We already have received a bunch of great recaps and there’s a lot more to come! Joining us today is one of the most prolific and refined DIY labels in Europe, Through Love Records, whose catalogue is a fine set of artists and records to check if you haven’t explored it yet.

We caught up with the label’s owner Paul in St. Pauli, Hamburg,  Germany on December 17th. He commented:

2017 was a good year for us as label. Indigo – a music distributor based in Hamburg is caring about us – and is responsible that you can find our releases (hopefully) in your favourite record stores and all streaming and download boards. All our orders are sent now via German Post/DHL – before we sent all orders inside Germany with Hermes which caused a lot of trouble several times.

Regarding 2018 we are very excited what the year will bring to us. Our first release will be „Doubt Mines“ by Terrible Love, followed by the Øjne debut. More releases can’t be announced at this point – as you know we are still working without contracts and some plans change faster then expected.

For 2018 I wish less borders and more solidarity.

Dialects – Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other

It was 2009 – I lived in Rostock and my friend Chriso (who is running REVOLVERMANN RECORDS) showed me a band called “God Is An Astronaut“ and he was totally in „I wrote to them and if we want we could release a vinyl version of their record „The End Of The Beginning“. I was totally in this metal/hardcore stuff and had no clue about Post Rock. In the end we did the vinyl and I became a big Post Rock fan. It was the first label release on vinyl under the old name and now 8 years later we did another Post Rock/Post Metal release. The time working with Dialects and their outstanding record reminded me often to the former times.

Trachimbrod – Leda

I think it was in the end of 2011 – I discovered TRACHIMBROD – who also payed a way of Post Rock on their early works through a TOKYO JUPITER RECORDS compilation. I was so much into their stuff that I wrote to them that I’d love to release a record of them.

What „A Collection Of Hidden Sketches“ brought was no instrumental Post Rock anymore but finest Screamo music. It was my first Swedish (Screamo) release. In the meanwhile I released a big bunch of other Swedish bands and met the guys several times, I stayed at their places, they at mine and in 2013 and 2014 they joined FJØRT on tour. I still love the band and their music so much and it feels so good still having the chance to release their music. „Leda“ is an absolute outstanding gem again, btw. Trachimbrod proves that the bands from the north absolutely have their „very underrated“ stand in the screamo/emo scene!

Agent blå – s/t

I think I discovered MAKTHAVERSKAN in 2014/2015 and I listened a very lot to them. Then I discovered the other LUXURY RECORDS gems e.g. Westkust. So in the beginning of this year I had the chance to re-release my favourite release from 2015 „Last Forever“ of Westkust. Afterwards the self titled debut of Agent blå was released through us in the mainland. This is also a release I never get tired of. The label was mainly focussed on Screamo/Hardcore music so it was a real experiment doing some different kind of style.

Through Love

In the end I am absolutely happy to release my favourite music on vinyl and to support the bands and friends who I love.

Beside that the label Grand Hotel van Cleef is absolutely worth mentioning. They released 3 of my favourite records this year. For me the label was nearly dead for my favourite music since ESCAPADO split up. In 2017 they released the absolutely incredible debut of LIRR which gives me everything I need in nearly 30 minutes.

Beside that they released the new KETTCARIch vs. Wir“ – which is lyrically and musically really great and important in times where right wing movements getting stronger and stronger.

They also released the 3rd longplayer of FJØRT called Couleur. I think I am the biggest fan of this band and in my eyes they did everything right with this record. I am glad joining them on tour in January – so if you want to share a beer and have a talk about records and politics – feel free to come by!

Honourable mentions:


A band on their peak!

Kadavar – Rough Times

Surprised me very much with this record – such a great sound and bass lines!

Suffocate For Fuck Sake – In My Blood

One record with so much emotions – wow!

Beach Fossils – Somersault

This was my favourite summer record!

Through Love Records

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