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SELF DEFENSE FAMILY release new EP ‘Wounded Masculinity’; craft some of their most difficult works to date

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Triple-B Records and Deathwish Inc. are offering the newest EP from post hardcore / folk / alt rock fusionists SELF DEFENSE FAMILY, who popped up for multiple reasons over the course of the last coupke of years. Written by Mary Brulatour the band’s new offering “Wounded Masculinity” restores the band’s urge to explore new territories and unfolds as a solid example of what frontman Patrick Kindlon has done best for almost 15 years. Incorporating the unfamiliar.

In the tradition of Neil Young’s ‘please kick me off the label’ era, or when Lou Reed tried to drive his audience away, Self Defense Family delivers brilliantly difficult listens on the new 12″ EP Wounded Masculinity.

Family member Mary Brulatour takes the songwriting reigns on four tracks that range from sullen folk to anxious kraut. The result is material unique even in Self Defense Family’s varied (and sprawling) catalog. It’s a ripper that’ll make you tear up.

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