“Set It Straight” – Singapore vets OVERTHROWN check in with new album, comment on local hardcore scene

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First introduced on IDIOTEQ 8 years ago, Singapore based OVERTHROWN are much older than this. Kicking off their 24th year of existence, the Lion City hardcore pack has recently premiered their new exhilarating LP called “Set It Straight”, including their version of RAW DEAL / KILLING TIME’s 1989 classic “Backtrack”, and we took this chance to sit down with them and get a handful of insights about the record and updates on their local hardcore scene.

Overthrown is a Singapore based hardcore band (Lion City Hardcore) founded in 1996. Ignoring current musical trends, the band has assiduously carved themselves a path in the local hardcore scene. Heavily influenced by 90s hardcore icons like Madball, Strife and Earth Crisis to modern day hardcore giants like Terror and Hatebreed, Overthrown plays effusive traditional hardcore with a swirl of swift riffs, breakdowns and in-your-face lyrics.

Members remained unchanged until 2017 when their vocalist left and Jai, had to take over dual roles and guitarist (in studio) and vocalist at live shows. They maintained as a 3 piece band and used session guitarist for live shows but soon found a permanent guitarist in 2019. The new album, Set It Straight, however was recorded before they decided to get a permanent guitar player.

Overthrown have actively played tons of shows around the region since 2004 and somehow helped bring a sense of unity back into the scene. They are a living proof that hardcore lives worldwide as they toured Europe successfully in 2012 and 2013 despite being unsigned to any label. Never backing down on their ideals or changing their style, their no holds barred attitude has built the band an unequaled following that show no signs of limitation.

All songs and lyrics were inspired by the challenges and struggles we face in our daily life. Betrayals, Anger, Politics, Motivations, …

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Overthrown Set it Straight


Currently writing our new EP with our new guitarist, Feroze involved and with his inputs, expect something new from the traditional style we’ve been writing since day 1. Otherwise, definitely plans to tour regionally and maybe Europe again to promote the new album.

Singapore hardcore scene

Our local scene is alright! Filled with young kids and we see they’re bringing back the 90s era to this modern day of hardcore. More new bands comings up and they’re all awesome! Everyone relate with one another well and even the older generations are giving their support!

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