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TOTAL F*CKING DESTRUCTION release blistering new track

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION release blistering new track
Philadelphia grindcore trailblazers TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION have released a new track titled, “light/pain” today at Metalsucks (listen below). The blistering new track comes from the bands 5th full-length, “…to be alive at the end of the world”.

About the track, vocalist/drummer Richard Hoak comments:

“…to be alive at the end of the world” is a message of energy and strength for everyone living crazy fucked up daily life in this worldwide geo-political military-entertainment-technology complex. Total Fucking Destruction is an end-of-the-world party and you are all invited! “light/pain” is a story of truths ignored as a result of stupidity and hubris with a disastrous result: knowledge is power but the truth of the current state of the planet is brutal. Powerful corrupt technologies and people make hiding in the darkness too easy.”

2020 marks the bands 20th year of delivering mind-melting and forward thinking grindcore. “…to be alive at the end of the world” will be released on 4/20 and worldwide via Translation Loss Records on 4/24. Pre-order is available now.

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION will release the bands 5th full-length titled, “…to be alive at the end of the world”, on April 20, 2020 and worldwide/digital on April 24, 2020 via Translation Loss Records.

For over 20 years, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION have swarmed the underground with countless releases branding themselves as a mainstay of forward thinking and explosive grindcore. “…to be alive at the end of the world”, the new album from TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, is a celebration of the ongoing exponential acceleration of the slow motion apocalypse: the end of history, the end of nature, the end of the world as we know it – the brutal truth of a planet buried in garbage and arrogance.

Following up 2019’s critically acclaimed “#USA4TFD” album, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION addresses the nihilism of everyday modern life armed with noise, grind/punk, catchy pop, blood, sweat and grind. As a constant content provider for the corporate underground music scene for over two decades, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION use humor and their brand of quick-wit to reveal the emptiness and contradictions of modernity – exposing the songs as deadly serious true-life stories.

Track Listing:

1. …to be alive at the end of the world
2. violently high
3. light/pain
4. a demonstration of power
5. sound on sound (big boys cover)
6. attack of the supervirus 1138
7. stone bomb
8. doctor butcher
9. yelling at velcro
10. the star spangled banner (traditional)

TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION is: Bass/vocals: Ryan Moll, Guitars: Pingdum, Vocals/drums/flute/ocarina: Richard Hoak

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