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Shadow the sun with bleak new single from metallic crust hardcore band THØRN!

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Formed in Milan in 2017 by members from La Fin, Calvario, If I Die Today and Lamantide, THØRN is a blackened crust hardcore machine that blends various extremities of metal and punk, including crust, grindcore and black metal. Influenced by bands like Trap Them, Oathbreaker, Baptists, Cursed, and The Secret, THØRN dropped their debut EP (listen below) and today they’re back with a crishing new single and music video “Drowning”, featuring Topper from metal/hardcore band Spleen Flipper.

“At the end of October 2020, 3 years after the first EP recording session, we have recorded 2 new tracks (Drowning and a cover) for a split that will be released  this summer” – comments the band.

THORN band

“The covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the writing session of our first album, forcing us to write separated and not in studio together, so we are mostly from different Region of Italy, but at the end… we did it. We are very proud of the result and hoping to record the nine-songs by the end of the year.”


“The new single “Drowning” is the third track from our upcoming album, a tough preview of what your ears will soon listen to.” – continues the band.

“During the writing session we have felt the need of having a featuring voice in the one track, so we called Topper from Spleen Flipper, a band that we support and with whom we have shared the stage many times since our first show.

We decided to release this song to share the concept behind our work and to give a new input in this strange period of time. This album talks about the nine cirles of the hell, nine songs, one for every circle.”

THORN band

Asked about their local music scene and other bands worth checking out, the quintet continues: “In Italy we have so many bands in the hardcore scene we can talk about. We have found friends between them, we shared the stage together, we’ve been in contact constantly, supporting each other with gigs, merchandise and sharing their music.

We can name a few of them, like Spleen Flipper, Lacerhate, Metide, L’Oceano Sopra, Inferno9, One Dying Wish, Death has Gone.

There are so many kick-ass bands that we can’t wait to see live again and, hopefully, share the stage together again!”


“Drowning” lyrics:

drowning in the mud of our sins,
we dig in the ground
our moat will be a sanctuary
in this abyss of perdition

see the scars on my face
the rain falls melting with our tears

your life is reflected (on ice)
Our life is condemned

Our life from today is reflected on this lake
our bones will fill the ditch
in your fear I build this ruins

cerberus guide our punishment

Mud is our scourge, embrace us in the darkness
no escape we are dead flesh for the guardian

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DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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