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Sofia melodic hardcore band EXPECTATIONS streaming new album!

Emotional melodic hardcore band EXPECTATIONS are back with their fourth full length “Heartless, Shallow and Cruel”! Advertised by their new singles and music videos “Congratulations” (feat. АДА) and “36 Steps”, the album is out now on all streaming platforms!

“The Balkan hardcore scene has been blooming in the last couple of years. Bulgaria’s Expectations have been around the whole time, leading the charge with their own blend of heartfelt melodic hardcore. It’s been almost four years since the band released their third full-length Bye Bye Youth and we’ve been patiently waiting for their return to the scene.” – comments DIY Conspiracy.

“The work on this album started in the first few days of the pandemic back in March 2020.” – explains the band.

“With all the uncertainty and fear during those days, we knew that the only thing that could keep us sane is writing music. Many songs were written during that period but only what we consider the best made it on the album.”

Each of the ten songs represents a story about loss, anger, loneliness, weakness, fear, and greed – the negative emotions we as human beings carry. And for many of us, those emotions prevail and determine our way of life and the impact we have on the world. They turn us into heartless, shallow and cruel people. That’s what this album is all about.

Expectations by Philippe Morozov

Expectations by Philippe Morozov

It’s also about dealing with all these negative emotions. First, in your own lives. And second, in society by standing against all the hate, violence, and prejudice surrounding us.”

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