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“Full of Heart” – Danish dark post hardcore band PUKE WOLF share new song & music video

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Two weeks prior to the release of their new EP Interstice, to be released with help from the labels Dingleberry Records, Jean Scene Records, 5FeetUnder and Heartland, Aarhus, Denmark based harsh, gritty post hardcore band PUKE WOLF are joining us to give you their new song and music video “Full of Heart”!

Puke Wolf play emotional post-hardcore using their music to vent frustrations and aversions for our modern, heartless society. Hopefully the audience can and will partake too. They are a part of it whether it is on a stage or a record. It is indeed meant to be a cathartic experience.

June 15 the band will release their second EP, Interstice, which means “a short space of time between events”. The EP is the bands’ reflection of things and events that have unfolded over the recent years, both on a global and very personal scale. The result is five tracks that span over almost 27 minutes.

“This is one of the more hard hitting, straight to the point track, but it very much showcases the versatility in the vocal side of the band, which all three members contribute to.” – comments the band.


“The lyrics focus on relationships gone awry, creating inner turmoil leading and reflections on the interactions we have with people close to us. Full of Heart’s lyrical themes fit in the overall atmosphere of Interstice in that it is certainly an exploration of frustrations of both personal and global struggles.”

Asked about their local scene in Aarhus (and the rest of Denmark), the band admits that the hardcore scene in Aarhus is small. “…But that definitely makes it very interesting in terms of what comes out of it.”

“Good friends of ours, HIRAKI, have developed a sound that’s one of the most interesting and breathtaking right now. Brunsten have a sort of modern, more aggressive Helmet vibe going on. The Wakers, a band that have been on hiatus for a while, are coming back and with their brand energy-laden of post-hardcore, it’s going to be really interesting to see them be a part of the scene again.”

“North of Aarhus we have Omsorg and Kollapse among others, who we have been very fortunate to play with. ”

“In Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, the scene is obviously much larger, but we have to mention both Demersal and Regarding Ambiguity which we have shared the stage with a good handful of times and it has always been a great experience.”

The lyrics on the band’s new EP cover everything from heart ache to global social injustice. The unrelenting vocals from the three band members range from brutal to shrill, while they all express anger, frustration and disappointment. The instrumental side mainly focus on the post-hardcore genre, but the band also incorporates field recordings and even ambient compositions to create a cohesive and emphatic experience.

Interstice is released as a collaboration between the band and four labels: Dingleberry Records (Ger), Jean Scene Creamers (USA), 5FeetUnder (DK), Heartland (DK).

Puke Wolf have released one single, Hubris, while the next, Full of Heart, will be out June 3. Interstice was record by Jens Moss (Mossy Productions), mixed by Tobias Munk Tønder (Angry Music Studios), mastered by Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios).

Puke Wolf have previously played with bands such as LLNN, HIRAKI, Demersal, Halshug among others.

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