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Spanish screamo act ADIÓS CABALLOS release excellent debut EP “Llora”

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Emotional hardcore and post rock inspired post rock has always been something what I whole heartedly love to do here on IDIOTEQ, sharing some of the most heart-wrenching music offerings with their smart, thought-provoking messages of all kinds. “Llora”, the new EP from ADIÓS CABALLOS fits this mission perfectly and today we have a great pleasure to introduce their work through this special presentation below, including the band’s first-hand commentary about each and every track!

We are a posthxc/screamo band like Viva Belgrado, Øjne, Birds in Row, Touché Amoré, Daitro, Amanda Woodward.. We recorded “LLora” in February 2019 at Wheelsound Studios with Txosse Ruiz on the controls, and finally we edited it in digital format.

For fans of: Boneflower, Viva Belgrado, Amanda Woodward, Statue Faults, Ojne, Touché Amoré.

1. Ahora viento: Musically we wanted it to begin like the recitation of a poem and just break out with force sweeping everything around.

This song speaks about the end of something expected to be eternal; that feeling of drowning and of not being able to move on. Thoughts of something that had to fail, and it’s been our fault so we feel ourselves responsible for the catastrophe.

2. Llora otoño: It is our first song and the one we used to play it to start the shows. We needed it to begin with rage from the beginning keeping the tone throughout the theme.

It’s all about a couple breakup, based on the memory of objects and shared places, and how everything has been devoured. In the end a reproach is repeated: “Thanks to you I know that people do not leave marks, only scars.”

Adiós Caballos band

3. El hambre: It’s the calmest song, it takes almost a minute to get into it and there’s a massive instrumental development. I guess it’s the closest thing to a ballad we may have in our closet

Surrender to what you promised not to do, the broken memory, to love what you shouldn’t love. Accept what you are not capable of saying goodbye will always haunt you.

4. Fallo en Troya: The main idea was to create a short fast song that had something special as well, so we thought about those Mars Volta guitars and how they would give it the right touch.

We live in a world of mirages and half-truths, we sell our image as a product. Why don’t we destroy it all? So finally we could stop at once being moths that go to light.

Adiós Caballos

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