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Spirit filled: German hardcore act PRAISER grapples with christianity on their new EP “Pentecoast Hardcore”

After 10 years of playing together as PRAISER, André, Robin and Marcus have already penned 7 (!) studio albums, 2 rehearsal room albums and one EP. Being active within a scene that has made a name for itself as being anti-religious and giving many scenesters an escape from devout doctrine, the band is grappling with not an easy task.

A number of Christian hardcore and metalcore acts have used the energized medium of hardcore punk to help them communicate their message in an expressive manner, despite the fact of declaring their love for God in a subculture hostile to them. Just like their predecessors, PRAISER try to create a place for live, justice, fellowship, understanding, and against racism, sexism, homophobia, and antisemitism. With added conscious perspective of watching christianity and the church with a critical point of view, the band seems credible and their new offering “Pentecoast Hardcore” is the thing to check. Today, we have teamed up with Glasgow’s DIY Punk Collective ZAP Records, to give you the first listen of the LP! Check it out and see the official word from the band below.

Praisers lyrics have always been about social injustice, politics and all the stuff going wrong in this world but in the first place about Jesus. When we met each other in our former bands in the early 2000s the focus was more on Christ and spirituality. There was a strong christian Hardcore scene in the 90ies and early 2000nds, even called „Spirit Filled Hardcore“ that has moreorless disappeared in the last 10-15 years. We celebrate our 10th anniversary this year but also 20 and 15 years of friendship and so we decided to head back to the roots and record a „spirit filled“ hardcore album. That means there is a lot of worship to be found on this album, personal lyrics about life with Christ along with some critizism of things going wrong within christianity and the church.


Recorded, produced mixed and mastered by Ritchy Fondermann at K-Klangstudio, Hamburg, Germany in September 2019. Released by ZAP Records.

Catch the band live at February 15th, 2020 at Kultshock in Remscheid, Germany.


Spirit filled: German hardcore act PRAISER grapples with christianity on their new EP “Pentecoast Hardcore”
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