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STANDING TALL – “Are You Really There?” video

Drawing influence from bands currently making waves (PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH, CITIZEN, MORE THAN LIFE, BASEMENT) and bands of the past (THRICE, BAND NEW), STANDING TALL have moulded their own sound making an identity for themselves with each release. In 2014 the band self released ‘Still Breathing’ a five track EP releasing the tracks “Still Breathing” and “Introspection” as digital singles.

Standing Tall have spent the rest of the year touring the UK and sleeping on countless floors. On their travels the band shared stages with bands such a Hawthorne Heights (US) and Bad Rabbits (US).

Late 2014 Standing Tall locked themselves away to write and record their new self titled EP. Working with Neil kennedy and Daley George from The Ranch Production House (Last Witness, More than life & Milk Teeth) the band produced something much different than their last EP.

The band have now been signed by No Panic Records and will be releasing their self titled EP in spring 2015.


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Driving down the east coast
Going ninety-five to nowhere
With my eyes closed
And her fingers running through my hair.

But are you really there?

Hey, how are you?
Hey, can you see me?

Wipe the sweat off my brow
Oh, i feel it now
The same fear that i had before
Just tell me eveything’s okay.

Hey, how are you?
Hey, can you see me?
I’m out of reach.

Got a hundred different versions of you inside my head
And now watching all the re-runs of everything you said.

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