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Straight edge band SUFFOCATE FASTER returns with first new single in 16 years, the band reflects on the past and present of hardcore

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The hardcore group Suffocate Faster has reconvened and is set to release their first single since 2006, titled “Lost Ones.” With a runtime of 2 minutes and 51 seconds, this high-octane track demonstrates that the band’s reunion has only strengthened their resolve. As they make a resolute comeback to the hardcore scene, Suffocate Faster is preparing to launch two EPs through Smartpunk Records in 2023.

The band, fronted by Chris Towning (Bury Your Dead, DevilDriver) is kicking ass with their single “Lost Ones,” which marks the start of a big year with multiple EP releases coming soon via Smartpunk Records. The track is 2 minutes at 51 seconds of unrelenting energy and a powerful message to back it up.

In their forthcoming EP, the themes of musical activism and candid self-expression are prevalent throughout the lyrics. The powerful narrative of “Lost Ones” complements the intense track, as the band delves into the challenging situations faced by those with criminal records attempting to reintegrate into society and rebuild their lives in today’s world.

“There are so many so-called criminals out there in society that have made mistakes in their young lives or even fallen on hard times at any age. Once they have been branded with a criminal record, especially a felony, our system and people continue to make it as difficult as possible for them to get work or come up in the world. No one is perfect. It only takes a ‘normal’ person getting upset or being pushed too far and they end up in the system just as easily. Give everyone the same chances and you’ll see a big change in our world.” – Suffocate Faster

Chris Towning from Suffocate Faster about sat down with us and shared his reflections on the past and present of hardcore and how this relates to the band’s comeback.

Reflecting on the past, Chris shared his thoughts on how much has transformed since 2006. He remarked, “As I sit here recording with a small, portable computer, it’s hard not to think how much things have changed. Whether it’s the state of the music industry, how recording is done, or just what hardcore was doing to the mainstream, we’ve all come a long way.”

He continued, reminiscing about a time when bands such as Hatebreed, Avenged Sevenfold, A Day To Remember, and Parkway Drive were not yet household names. Chris recalled that in 2001, when Suffocate Faster and his own journey were just beginning, the mainstream was entirely unaware of these bands’ activities or the impact they would eventually have. He noted that in 2001, Parkway and A Day To Remember had not even been formed, while Hatebreed and Avenged Sevenfold were merely dipping their toes into summer festival tours.

“Weird to think about a time before Ozzfest’s huge popularity, Warped Tour’s huge effect on popular music and Mayhem festivals rise and fall.” – says Chris.

At a time when the heavy music from the hardcore scene had not yet reached the masses, it was these summer festivals that helped establish the genre. Chris pondered how the popularity of hardcore might have unfolded without such events. Moreover, the resurgence of MTV’s Headbangers Ball played a significant role in expanding the hardcore scene’s influence.

With Jamie Jasta, Hatebreed’s frontman, leading the charge, the scene became more relevant than ever. While the impact of on the genre cannot be disregarded, it was ultimately the combination of cable television and large-scale touring festivals that made the most significant impression on the mainstream audience.

“Now, its 2023, and nothing could be further from where we were in 2006.” – he admits. “I’ve spent the last 17 years on the road after Suffocate Faster and experienced a drastic change in the industry. No more Mayhem, Warped Tour, Ozzfest, (I guess the site is still there), or many of the other things that skyrocketed so many bands into popularity. Not to mention so many of the bands have come and gone at this point as well.”

“It honestly is a humbling experience to be able to return with Suffocate Faster after so many years.” – says Chris.

“Honestly, when Chris Alsip called me to play with the band again I was elated. We decided to get together and reunite with some other bands for a show in our hometown Cincinnati, OH. We had so much fun, we decided it would be a great idea to make some new music and play some more shows. Obviously, none of us saw Covid 19 coming, so it created some hurdles but here we are ready to release our first EP. It’s a lot more fun than it used to be; just the approach in general is all about FUN this time around. We’ve all grown up a bit, but heavy music, hardcore, and the straight edge lifestyle are forever a part of Suffocate Faste”r”

Suffocate Faster
Suffocate Faster

Suffocate Faster was formed in the fall of 2001 while attempting to stray from the over-exposed trends that plagued Cincinnati, Ohio’s music scene.

Inspired by the confluence of metal and hardcore perpetrated by the likes of Hatebreed and Earth Crisis, Suffocate Faster sought to create music far more aggressive than what was being heard on radio and television. The band hit the studio and the road until 2007 with pride in the straight-edge lifestyle and positive message to share.

In their short tenure the band released 2 full-length records; 2004’s “Only Time Will Tell” and 2006’s “Don’t Kill The Messenger.” Flash-forward to 2019 and a call to bring the band back together with original guitar player and founder Chris Towning, the band was reinvigorated with the desire to create new music to reach their original fans and new alike. The current lineup consisting of Chris Alsip, Lance Hudson, and Corey Williams was brought together by Towning’s unifying goal. Suffocate Faster is back and stronger than ever with release two new EPs slated to release via SmartPunk in 2023,

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