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Straight Edge crew ANOTHER WAY drops an anti-police-brutality demo & music video

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After a turbulent year and lots of highly engaged protest and anti-cop releases that caused waves and came as conscious anti-establishment socio-political commentaries from artists of all genres. Today, we’re giving you a 4-minute teaser of the upcoming new msuic from newly formed German straight edge hardcore punk band ANOTHER WAY, who just dropped their debut demo and first music video that wil ive you a worthy soundtrack to the riot.

Asked about the origins of this release, the band says that the history about the tape is that they wanted to donate money from the sales (digital and physical) plus a benefit shirt, to help people/family/organizations who are working against police brutality. “So the whole demo is a concept that all songs work together and stand for something – against oppression and fascism.”

“We already wrote more songs, but we decided to put those 3 political songs on the demo.” – they continue. “They all tell the problems we still have: Police brutality, racism, fascism.”

ANOTHER WAY is Iggy (vocals) and Moritz (guitar and bass). Charles Chaussinand is filling in on drums. The demo tape comes in 2 versions, the Banksy version (50 pieces) and Spongebob version (24), both available via Ugly & Proud Records.

Track by track commentary:

intro : Well, after the tragedy and the first demonstrations the police had a speech where they say that they are the victims and stop blaming them etc. that’s totally bullshit and we want to use it as an intro to give our first song on the tape more power.

13 seconds of f*12 (1312 /acab…. Fuck 12 is used in the states) well I (Iggy) don’t like the police.

Never rest never silence. I was raised not to judge people by the color of their skin, sex, gender etc. so pretty social. Since my teenage years I’m active in the left wing scene so it was pretty clear to write a song against fascism.

History (will tell) tells the sad history we wrote. War, slavery and that still fascism is there. We will not be silent and will fight.

Continues vocalist Iggy: “All songs are written by Moritz. He send me the ideas and I told him what’s good and what parts we have to change a bit. Later he recorded guitar and bass with his friend Justin (he also mixed and mastered the hole thing). Then I asked my friend Charles (xbystanderx) if he wants to record drums for our demo and he did it :D”

Both gentlemen live in Braunschweig and know each other from shows and other band projects. “So one day I asked him if he is interested to do a xxx band.” – says Iggy. “After he said yes we chatted a few times and now here we are. Our plans for the future are to find other musicians to play live when it’s allowed again. And to bring out a long player (like I said before we already wrote some songs so stay tuned).”

“Cuz of Corona we decided to do a “band“ so the only good thing. I hope a lot of venues and bands will still exist after we survived Corona. So please wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance.”

Asked about their local scene in Braunschweig, they admit that back in the day they had a great thriving scene. “A lot of great local bands a lot of great shows but then the scene changed and it was almost silent. But since last year (2019) the scene grows again and new bands are coming out.”

“Moritz’ other band Torch is worth to check out. Totally different than Another Way ;). Hawser the new rising star of European hardcore. Our good friends in Schwach and Tides Denied are also worth to check out.” And big influence for us. Have Heart, Inclination and Spirits.

Another Way

2020 top list by Iggy from ANOTHER WAY:

Album: Hawser – All is Forgiven

Show: Ldb festival (KY/USA)

Song: wish – friend or foe

Zine: voice of strength

Podcast: Scope exposure / Double Dare Ya

“Stay safe and healthy. Wear your mask wash your hands” – Iggy

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