BLANKFILE by Andrej Nihil
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Hardcore punks BLANKFILE look back on 2020, share top 10 records of the year

BLANKFILE by Andrej Nihil
Produced the acclaimed production duo of Shane Frisbey and Peter Rutcho under their The Brick Hit House studio label, “Truth Be Sold“, the newest EP from Belgrade, Serbia based power hardcore punks BLANKFILE, showcases a perfect melding of their DIY attitude, prolific creative approach and relentless work ethic.

The band has been a part of their local undreground scene foundation for 12 years, and has managed to make a level up in their work in comparison to the conditions of the local scene. Their new offering reveals a new approach to their creative process and slays with a series of knock-put power punches, not for the faint-hearted.

“It was a tough year for all.” – saysthe band. “Luckily for our band, we were in the middle of creative process, when this pandemic shook the world. We were already somehow “locked down” and fully focused to work on new songs…distanced in a certain way. And exactly this time, more than ever, creating music saved our minds and hearts from the global and local crisis.”

BLANKFILE by Andrej Nihil

BLANKFILE by Andrej Nihil

But BLANKFILE remain optimistic about the future. “This year was filled with only bad and worse, so we, as a society, will probably never recover, but only adopt the new normal. As individuals, we couldn’t completely ignore what is happening around us, but, as I said before, making music was our remedy.”

“In the last quarter of the year we have finally released our new EP, “Truth Be Sold”, and we can easily say it is the best thing we have done, so far. What does make us say that? To be honest, we were struggling with hard times even before the pandemic and this record helped us communicate it…you know how they say: “The worst of times can make for the best of arts”.”

What’s next?

“We wish to spread the messages we incorporated in our new songs and to help kids around the globe to communicate their rage and frustrations through our songs, which is specially needed this year. Normally, we would plan to shoot videos, play live shows, maybe book a tour…but in the upcoming 2021 we all would be sailing into uncharted sea. So, who knows, right? One thing is sure – whatever is there, we would adapt, keep our heads up and keep working hard. Hope to meet more friends and people who dig what we do. And, if it comes to an end, to go with a bang.”

BFHC TOP#10 in 2020 – see below!

BLANKFILE by Andrej Nihil

BLANKFILE by Andrej Nihil

the list order does not resemble the ranking in any way

Malevolence – The Other Side

These guys are a constant and they delivered it in 2020., as well. Beatdown and metal in one, perfect.

The Ghost Inside – The Ghost Inside

Knowing the background, how this record was made and under which circumstances, it is already a major thing for the hardcore scene, add its songs to it, it is a f*king masterpiece.

Mud Factory – The Sins of Our Fathers

Because they just released the killer album which can stand equal with the major metal acts and the guys are from Serbia.

Loathe – I Let It In and It Took Everything

It is a refreshing to hear when the hard’n’heavy band is able to depart from the generic forms and to do it in a good way.

August Burns Red – Guardians

This release is somehow taking ABR back to the Constellations era of the band, which we prefer the most.

END – Splinters from an Ever-Changing Face

Holly f*ck! Wanna break something, play Lionheart, Malevolence, wanna destroy something for good, put this record on. It goes from death and grind to a finest hardcore breakdowns in a sec and the production is a story for itself.

PVRIS – Use Me
Poppy – I Disagree

We sometimes need to take a real break from hardcore and metal music and those two releases provided a really good run away.

Lionheart – Live At Summer Breeze

We were following this band for some time, watching them getting from a break-up to becoming a major band, even got to know some of them…so we simply dig what they do, and this album is another upgrade.

Terror – Sink to The Hell

Because this list should end with new Terror.

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Hardcore punks BLANKFILE look back on 2020, share top 10 records of the year
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