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SUBMISSIONS – “Sunken” video

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L.A. post industrial nose rock duo SUBMISSIONS have premiered new music video for their latest record opener “Sunken”, unveiling seductively unique and addictive trance that makes you want to stay inside its realms. Listen to the full self-titled record below and grab your copy via Sleeping Giant Glossolalia‘s webstore.

SUBMISSIONS, hailing from the Los Angeles area, are a post-industrial dirge duo whose members have, somewhat confusingly, done time in such seemingly disparate yet highly regarded outfits as German Army, The For Carnation, Dumb Numbers, Polar Goldie Cats, Goliath Bird Eater, and perhaps a few that you might not even believe if we told you. SUBMISSIONS, or Bobb Bruno and Ralph K. German as they are better known, deliver a bleak, heavy soundtrack to the absolute worst of times.

“Submissions was first described to us as “Bobb Bruno’s Godflesh project”, which while now having heard it is maybe not entirely accurate it was definitely enough to get us to order a bunch. And the truth of what it sounds like is in fact even better. For those who don’t know, Bobb Bruno is probably best known at this point for playing guitar in fuzzy retro pop superstars Best Coast, but he was also responsible for the ultra heavy Goliath Bird Eater, and also played in nineties indie rock outfit Polar Goldie Cats, and we recently listed his first solo record Mellowdramas. Submissions is in fact a duo, Bruno, and his partner in industrial heaviness Paul Kneejie (The Pope, Bipolar Bear), and the two do conjure up some serious sonic Godflesh, with primitive programmed rhythms, churning murky riffage, and weird processed vox that sound more Buttholes Surfers processed garble than Godflesh bellow, which is most definitely not a bad thing. Besides the nineties industrial vibe, the songs also have a sort of gloomy goth feel to them too, like if you swapped in real drums and deep crooned vox, you’d have some sort of old school deathrock, but as it is, Godflesh, or Pitchshifter, are probably the closest comparisons. But unlike the relentless pound of the ‘Flesh, Submissions do let the guitars fade out sometimes, leaving long stretches of droning guitars, they also add all sorts of strange electronics, and the slower tracks get downright atmospheric, thick swirls of low end rumble and moaning monk-like vox drifting above blurred dirges and robotic plods, with some of the more propulsive jams sounding downright gothrock. Closer “A Face” might be our favorite, a super atmospheric dirge, about as balladic as this stuff can get, the guitars dialed way back, the drums skeletal, all rumbling and droning and spaced out, no vocals this time, instead a strange sample drifting above the murky machinelike minimalism, doomy and bleakly atmospheric, reminiscent of nineties noise rock too, it’s a lumbering, utterly mesmerizing doomic dirge that manages to be the most ominously heavy jam on the record.” / –

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